We are all scared of car accidents, but accidents do occur even when we do our best to avoid them. It is estimated that over 6 million people are involved in a car accident every year in the US. In some of these accidents, some drivers experience traumatic situations in their lifetime, and the incidents could have been avoidable.

If you are involved in an accident, you need to notify the right people, including your insurance firm and personal injury lawyers. For example, if you find yourself in an accident while visiting San Diego, you may need to contact a San Diego firm for legal representation. To reduce the chances of accidents taking place, here are some road safety tips that could help minimize the risks:

Car Safety

There are safety rules that all drivers must observe when driving. Always ensure that the fuel tank is full at all times to avoid unprecedented stops, never park at any place, and in the case where you feel that someone is tailing you, drive to a nearby shop or gas station to scare off the person following you. When pulled over by a police officer, always ensure that you are polite and keep your hands where they are visible.

Driving when Sober

It is a rule that you know; you should never drink and drive. Whenever you are under the influence of drugs or have impaired judgment, you endanger your life and those around you. You also risk some heavy penalties, and you could end up in jail, the car can be impounded, your driver’s license can be revoked, you could do community service, or you might be fined thousands of dollars for your negligence.

Buckle up

The first thing that you should do when sitting in a vehicle should be buckling up. Most drivers and passengers fail to put on their seat belts, and it’s a considerable risk they take. Most states have passed a law that requires all passengers to wear their seat belts or risk hefty fines. That seat belt will minimize traumatic head injury in case of an accident and your failure to buckle up increases your chance of slamming into the windshield and sailing across the windshield.

Maintain the speed limit

It might be fun going at that fast speed, but always know that highways and public streets aren’t convenient spots for car racing. In case you have an open road ahead, always ensure that you obey the speed limit. That sick racing skill you have is a great contributor to road accidents.

Clean the Windshield

Your windshield might be filled with dust particles, or you may be traveling in a foggy morning, and you have impaired vision. During such situations, it’s impossible to drive; therefore, it would be advisable that you spare some minutes and clean that windshield. The glare effect of the sun increases if you have a dirty windshield, therefore, consider cleaning it to reduce the blinding impact.

Perform Routine Safety Check

Before you drive that vehicle, ensure that you have performed a simple safety survey on the car. Turn on the headlights and check whether they are operational, talk a walk around the vehicle and ensure all lamps are working then inspect the tires to see whether there is a puncture. While performing the inspection, have a peek under the car and ensure that nothing leaks or dangles. In case you are unable to perform these routine inspections daily, try having it at least once a week; you can never compromise on your safety.

Minimize driving when tired

When you are tired, fatigue can always sneak up on you; therefore, when you realize that there are signs of falling asleep when driving, consider making a stop for coffee. In case you are not a coffee fanatic, you can pull over and have a 30-minute nap. You can also roll down your windows as you proceed with the journey, play some loud music or hold a conversation with some passengers.

Correct positioning of the headrest

That headrest is strategically designed to support your head and not the neck. In the unfortunate event of an accident, the properly aligned headrest could reduce the painful whiplash. Besides, never remove that headrest from the vehicle sit; it has been placed there for a reason.

Avoid using your phone when driving

Texting tops the list of items that can distract you when driving; therefore, avoid using that phone at all costs. That phone call or text message can wait; don’t risk your life over such a simple gadget.

Adjust those side mirrors

It’s sad to be an accident statistic, and one cause of the accident is poor alignment of the side mirrors. You need to align both the interior and exterior rear-view mirrors that will help you minimize blind spots.

Generally, numerous road safety tips are in place to reduce your chances of having an accident. By implementing these tips, you will be safer, and you can rest assured that you will arrive at your destination in good condition.