Body art has always been one of the creative ways to express personality, stand out among others, and adorn the body with a meaningful and creative design. There are various tattoo styles, but watercolor tattoos have become a cutting-edge trend in 2019.

A watercolor tattoo involves the use of different shading and gradual coloring techniques. A tattoo artist changes his perspectives, blends the colors and designs smoothly so that the tattoo looks like a painting created by a brush. Eventually, the tattoo resembles a classic watercolor painting, which looks unusual and appealing.

Usually, watercolor designs incorporate realistic or abstract floral motifs, the replications of famous paintings, geometric figures, and different depictions of flora and fauna. Basically, there are no strict rules for the watercolor designs. This style gives much space for imagination.

Many men and women go for watercolor tattoos because they can be merged with various styles for achieving a one-of-a-kind look.

We’ve collected the best watercolor tattoo ideas. Get inspired and choose something for yourself to keep up with the trends.

Watercolor Flower Tattoo Ideas

A watercolor style gives you many opportunities to play around with designs. Thus, the most sought-after watercolor flower tattoo ideas incorporate:

  • The lotus flower means enlightenment, wisdom, and understanding. Besides, this plant is known to be associated with rebirth.
  • Roses are a win-win option because they signify love, faithfulness, rebirth, hope, and loss.
  • Orchids denote prosperity and fertility.
  • Lilies are associated with purity.
  • Poppies are chosen to express peace or remembrance of those who have passed away.

Abstract Watercolor Tattoos Designs

Abstract art offers a harmony of colors and strokes. An abstract watercolor tattoo always has deep meaning for the owner. The prevalence of a particular color can say a lot about the character. So, dark shades can say about the courage of a person, while bright colors denote enthusiasm and a good sense of humor. The combination of different shades indicates a harmonious personality.

Watercolor Back Tattoos

The back is one of the most popular areas to wear a tattoo. In addition to flowers, popular watercolor back designs are:

  • Sparrows symbolize love and wisdom. A sparrow also stands for freedom due to its free spirit.
  • A phoenix means rebirth, energy, and spirituality.
  • Ravens stand for mystery, wisdom, intelligence, and sadness.
  • Wolves signify courage and loyalty.
  • Cartoon characters say that a person is optimistic and playful.

Watercolor Sleeve Tattoos

Watercolor sleeve tattoos always look eye-catching. Thereby, people can make a statement. The designs are versatile:

  • Birds and flowers indicate a romantic personality.
  • Cosmic symbols (stars, planets, and the universe) denote a person who pursues his dreams.
  • Different animals (lions, wolves, tigers) may serve as talismans.
  • Fish represent prosperity, independence, and strength.

Geometric Watercolor Tattoos

Geometric designs have always been associated with religious or spiritual practices. When geometric shapes are combined with a watercolor style, the tattoo looks bold and unique. Geometric watercolor tattoos represent the perfect balance, harmony, spirituality, purity, and rebirth. Providing that there are additional symbols, the meaning of the tattoo may alter.

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