Beauty Has No Limits: How to be a successful petite model?

By Nina & Nita Twins

We often get questions of how to become successful model especially when you are petite and work often with the other model – with your twin.

We are brand ambassadors for the ideology “Beauty Has No Limits” and we are known for appearing as “Double Models”. In modeling industry it is often seen that you have to be certain size and height, have certain type of body structure or be very skinny or very tall. However, It doesn’t have to be like that. We are live examples that guidelines can be broken and they won’t stop you to become successful. When there is a will – there is always a way. Here are some tips how to become successful:

Believe in your ideology 

We have always believed that the modeling industry should represent more the actual height of women – and the natural body of everyone without plastic surgeries. The average height for women around the world is 5’4, so we should see that more in the beauty industry as well.  We have managed to bring that ideology successfully to the runways and fashion shows around the world. Also, we believe in natural beauty and want to cherish the body that you have been given.

Be a nice and exciting person

So you are petite and short but If you are fun, kind, nice, easy to work with, you have energy and excitement, the chances are very high that you are going to make it. But if you are boring, cocky and mean, but you fit all the possible “guidelines”, you are probably not going very far. So, being a nice and exciting person is much more vital. Be excited about everything; even for minor things.

Know your body type and how to use it

It is very important to be very familiar with your body and how it looks in every angle. If you are petite, always make angles with your body rather than standing straight. Wear heels. Focus on your best parts – face, smile, belly, legs or whatever is your best part. Love your body in its own and show it to everyone. If you love yourself, others will like it too.

Don’t copy others

We are all unique and it’s our super power. We all know that but there are only few persons who actually truly have the “balls” to be just the way they are. Don’t care about what social media or other people say how you should look like. There is always someone who will say “you should do plastic surgeries” “you should look more this and that” “you should have this style” “you should be taller” etc. The truth is that copying others will never take you anywhere. We have been told many times that we should have this and that, but we have never let that bother us in our career as we have always believed in our natural beauty and our natural body type. Just be confident who you really are, there is only one you in the whole world, so you are one of a kind and that will take you further.

Be confident – Challenges are opportunities 

Always be confident, no matter what. Don’t let anything put you down and if you fail, try as many times as you need to. Doubt kills more dreams than failure. Our power is our persistent attitude, being a nice person, believing in natural beauty with no surgeries, and appearing as a double creating twin fashion. It is much more challenging to work with the other person as you have to consider the other model all the time. It requires twice as much work to get the perfect shot from both. But challenges are always opportunities, just remember that.

Stay healthy – both physically and mentally

We all know that staying healthy, exercising and eating healthy food is super important, not just to maintain a healthy and nice body but also to make your everyday life better. Unhealthy food and alcohol will just make you feel  like crap and ruin your mood, energy levels and also body structure.  It’s amazing how much the food we eat impacts your mood and life attitude as well. Besides eating healthy, we don’t really use alcohol at all. In addition, we want to emphasize how important it is to also stay mentally healthy. Especially in the modeling and entertainment world it is very easy to get mentally lost” or become depressed and it can really ruin your career. Mind is one of the most important thing that you should take care of.  Cherish your mind every day with positive thoughts, meditate, be confident and don’t think about too much. A peaceful mind is a key to success. Take good care of it.

Practice, grow and learn every day

You can never stop learning. The more you learn, practice and grow, the more successful you become.  We still constantly practice all of our skills every single day and try something new every day. Personal growth is super important.

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