“When shopping for hair extensions I always check for the following”:

1. Human Hair:  Make sure the hair is Virgin human hair. This means the hair is completely virgin. The hair has not been dyed or processed in any way.

2. How it’s made: You want to make sure the hair has been wefted properly. Be sure to check that all the cuticles are aligned. This helps ensure that the hair is good, long lasting Virgin hair.

3. Non-virgin hair usually has a silicon waxy feeling to it. Human hair is always better than synthetic hair, but you will always have the best use when purchasing virgin hair. Is it worth the investment…YES!

Care for Your Extensions:

“Shedding can be a huge problem with extensions, so I’ve learned a few tricks to prevent it from happening.  I’ve learned that it’s always good to seal the wefts of hair extensions. You can purchase Dritz glue from Walmart. This glue is clear and will not show up on your tracks or ruin them. You can find it in the craft section.”

“You always wash your extensions with lukewarm water. Let them air dry naturally; I would not recommend blow drying them, you don’t want to damage the hair.”

“When brushing or combing, always comb them from the bottom up and try not to comb them from the root.; This also prevent shedding.”


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Ashley Virgin Hair


Over the past several years Ashley Chennel has become a well-known figure in the beauty industry. You’ve probably seen Ashley on her popular YouTube blog Ashley Chennel Beauty. Ashley created her own jewelry line and has expanded her brand by adding hair extensions to her list of achievements.