Do you want to look radiant and beautiful for an event but do not know where to start with makeup? Maybe you have never been a makeup fanatic, but lately, you have been feeling the urge to learn a makeup routine that highlights your best features and makes you glow. Whichever the case, wearing makeup the right way makes you feel good.

Below we explore how you can apply makeup in 8 easy steps and feel like a star.

1.Prepare Your Skin for Makeup

Apply a moisturizer with SPF after washing your face. Then let it absorb into the skin before you take the next step. The application of a moisturizer is essential because it allows your makeup to last the whole day.

2.Work on the Imperfections

When we speak of imperfections, we mean those dark under-eye circle, red spots and other blemishes. Use a concealer to camouflage any flaw. The concealer comes with an applicator that you can use to put a small amount on the scars. Dab the product and blend with the tip of your finger. When it comes to the under-eye, apply it on the circle line, beginning from the eye’s inner corner, then blend up and out.

Commonly, you use a concealer that is a shade lighter. Unfortunately, this does not work because a lighter shade will produce white circles, which will still highlight the bags. Use a concealer that matches your skin tone.

3.Apply the Base

Remember that this step is crucial for getting the best makeup look because when your skin does not look even and flawless, the rest of the makeup will not look good.

A foundation stick is ideal for base applications. The foundation stick is perfect because it gives you a chance at a precise application. Also, you can make use of foundations that don’t oxidize, especially if you have oily skin. Currently, there are plenty of options for such foundations. Choosing among the many options can be confusing. However, that should be the least of your worries as there are reviews over the internet that you can utilize to narrow your choices.

Draw thick lines in areas including the side of the nose, above the eyebrows and down the cheekbones. To look even more striking and sun-kissed, use a darker foundation, and apply in the same area before you blend. When you mix both colors on the face up to the neck, the results will be stunning. Do not be afraid to try because you think it will not blend in; the heat from your hands will do a good job at warming the foundation up and helping it glide on your skin.

4.Conceal the Blemishes

Use your concealer to hide any extra marks or blemishes that are still showing. Additionally, you can use a concealer that has salicylic acid as it will not only conceal the imperfections but shrink them. Use a sponge to dab the concealer and cover any blemishes. If the blemishes stand out, ensure it matches your face when you are finished.

The next thing you do is set your face with powder until you achieve the matte look. The matte is vital because when the face shines, it highlights the blemishes. It is at this point that you can also mattify your T-zone. This step is critical for people whose skin glows. Mattifying helps absorb any oil that your skin will produce and holds foundation in place. Proper setting up means that your makeup will not need a touch up for several hours.

You can also use beauty blenders that have been designed to absorb oil while pressing makeup into place.

5.Color Your Cheeks

The next step is to sculpt the cheekbones and shade them with a cream blush instead of the traditional brush and powder. After applying on your cheeks, blend it up with your fingers up to the temples. Berry shades and other bold hues produce a more natural look.

6.Define Your Eyebrows

Defining your eyebrows makes you look refreshed. Do this using an eye pencil, powder, and wand. Fill up the gaps and shape and color it.

7.Emphasize the Eyes

Emphasizing your eyes is like using brown shadows or more soft, neutral tones. Apply a lid liner on your lids if you have a problem retaining eye shadow or if your eyelids get irritated by eye shadow. Choose a shade that is slightly darker than your skin and brush it under the brow and over the lids. Ensure your blending is perfect, so the edges are soft.

8.Lush Lips

As you begin to age, your lips will lose the natural lip line and the rosy hue. A good lipstick and lip gloss turn this around. Outline your lips with a lip pencil that looks almost the same as the color of your lips then fill it in with the same pencil before following up with lip gloss or lipstick.

Keep in mind that you should also take consideration of where you will be wearing the makeup and outfit that you’ll be wearing. Learn to highlight your features, as makeup should be complementary and not define your whole look. The eight simple steps we have outlined above will leave you looking like a fresh new model and pump up your confidence, no matter where you go.