Subscription boxes allow customers to gain the convenience of receiving items at the comfort of their homes. You subscribe to a subscription service (hence the name) to let the supplier send you a box containing niche items on a set frequency.

Now, many cannabidiol (CBD) providers are now offering subscription boxes to their customers. If you’re undecided to subscribe to a CBD subscription box, here are five benefits that may help you in your decision-making.

1. Frequency Customization

Customers of CBD subscriptions may have the option to choose among different frequencies when their boxes arrive at their doorsteps. These frequency options may include one-, three-, six-, and 12-month options.

Remember, the price of the CBD subscription box may vary depending on the frequency you choose. For example, a particular CBD supplier may put a USD 49.99 price for their three-month box. However, if you take advantage of the six-month option, the price may increase to USD 69.99. Still, specific CBD box providers may offer additional incentives for customers who opt for their more significant subscriptions.

2. CBD Product Variety

You’re not going to get one bottle of CBD oil per month from a CBD subscription box. Instead, many suppliers will put various CBD items in the box. These items may include CBD edibles, creams, and oils. You may even acquire additional products like tinctures and skin care products.

Various CBD subscriptions box providers supply customers with different items with each box. There may be options for customers to choose what goes in the box depending on their specific needs. For instance, if you require CBD for sleep, then the subscription box supplier might give you CBD products that can help you get a good night’s rest.

It’s best to ask your preferred CBD subscription box supplier for options. Many CBD subscription box providers have contact information posted on their websites.

3. Discrete Packaging

One concern for many CBD customers is discrete delivery. At the time of writing, many locations around the globe still have stringent rules concerning cannabis-infused products. CBD is an extract coming from the cannabis plant. Thus, governments always keep a watchful eye on sellers and users of CBD-infused products.

Aside from authorities, pesky neighbors who are always nosing around your packages may want to snoop around the content of your packages. If you want to avoid the trouble of gaining controversies around your neighborhood, know that many CBD box suppliers offer discrete packaging.

Opting to take advantage of discrete packaging from a CBD supplier lets your products be in a sturdy, unlabeled container. You may also request for a delivery that won’t put the contents of the package on the receipt. Therefore, even the delivery person won’t know what’s in the box, so you can avoid answering questions like, “What did you order,” or “What’s in the box? It feels heavy.”

4. Third Party Test Results

One critical component when buying any CBD-infused product is the results from a third party laboratory. These findings indicate the quality of the CBD products you’re about to consume. The documentation may also include the list of ingredients found in the products in the subscription box. Hence, you can make sure that you’re going to get high-quality CBD products without unnecessary ingredients.

Therefore, the inclusion of third-party results will help customers gain peace of mind knowing that there may not be unwanted ingredients in the CBD products. Users with allergic reactions to particular components may even return specific items to CBD subscription box suppliers. Again, ask the provider if this option is possible.

5. Money-Back Guarantees

Last, specific CBD box providers may have money-back guarantees. These promises vary from the different CBD retailers on the market. For example, a CBD subscription box retailer may offer a 10-day money-back guarantee, whereas another provider might only offer seven days for the benefit.

Also, keep in the refund you’ll be getting. For instance, one subscription box provider may offer a 100% money-back guarantee, but another may only provide 85%. Read the fine lines before hopping into a CBD subscription box offer to know its pros and cons.


Many CBD subscription box suppliers offer different products fit for various users. Search for a provider that may provide CBD for the brain if you need help with mental concerns like anxiety and depression. Other dealers might offer CBD for joint pain or muscle tension.

Always talk to your preferred CBD retailer for options. In doing so, you’ll gain value for the money you’ll spend on their subscription boxes.