Spring is here, and with it, the peak time for V-necks! We love a good V-neck tee for pretty much any occasion, whether hanging out with the pals, grabbing a quick lunch in the park or swapping those stuffy button-down shirts under blazers for something more comfortable.

V-necks are an excellent alternative for classic crews as they look a bit more put-together and are also super flattering, making guys look taller and our shoulders a little broader.

So make sure you get at least a couple of new pieces this spring, and if you need any advice on the best V-necks this season, we’ve got you covered!

David Archy’s Men’s 3 Pack Supima Cotton V-Necks

We love this classic V-neck design and the ultimate comfort and softness of the Supima cotton.

The tees are breathable, lightweight, fit to the body, and are perfect for wearing under your button-downs or other longsleeved tees.

While this pack of three V-necks may not be the cheapest on the market, you can be sure that you’ll wear these tees for a long time, and they won’t lose their fit or softness after many washes.

Ejis Men’s Sweat Proof V-Neck

Spring is the season of ever-changing temperatures. The morning might be chilly, but you’re swearing in the sun come afternoon!

That’s why a high-quality sweatproof tee is a must in your spring wardrobe. This V-neck blocks moisture, prevents odour with its odour blocking silver ions and even has waterproof underarm padding.

Goodbye, sweat patches and stains!

Polo Ralph Lauren Men’s Classic V-Neck 

Ralph Lauren is the grandfather of V-necks, and we love his premium, soft and luxurious V-necks for spring. They’re super comfortable and 100% cotton, which will make you fall in love with the breathability and luxurious feel.

The V-necks with the signature pony logo come in a three-pack and though quite pricey, are worth it for their style and function.

You can choose white, grey or black colour options.

Fresh Clean Tees V-Neck

We’ve been big fans of Fresh Clean Tees for a while now, and we love their high-quality, affordable and super-comfortable t-shirts.

We were not surprised to see that they also have a great V-neck that’s durable, high-quality and made from very soft cotton-polyester fabric that combines the best of both materials offering breathability and stretchiness.

These tees feel soft to the skin, don’t lose shape or pill even after multiple washes and don’t wrinkle and crease too much either!

Choose from multiple great colours, like their black v-neck which we really liked: freshcleantees.com/products/black-v-neck

Cuts Clothing V-Neck Curve-Hem

Need a V-neck that feels like home? Not too pretentious, not too basic? Then the Cuts Clothing V-Neck Curve-Hem is your choice!

These tees have a curved hem at the bottom for a more fitted look that hugs your figure, hides what we want to hide and highlights what we want to highlight.

These V-necks are made of a special fabric that blends cotton, spandex and polyester. The result? A stretchy, comfortable, wrinkle-resistant t-shirt you’ll wear day after day. It’s also high-quality, so don’t worry about washing it!

Mack Weldon Pima V-Neck T-Shirt

We absolutely love the Mack Weldon Pima V-Neck T-Shirt and its neckline that stays perfectly in shape despite how long you wear it and how many times you wash the t-shirt. And we do a lot of washing with all the spring sweating!

Why is this so important? Most V-neck wearers know that the weak spot of the tee is the neckline that ends gets way too stretched out way too easily. Besides that, the V-neck is also super stylish and looks good on anyone!