The best part about summer is the sun-kissed look everybody gets. With this, makeup changes, as your skin naturally brightens up. Here are a few tricks to enhance your summer tones and make heads turn.


  • – Cover up with just concealer. You heard correctly- no heavy powders or foundations. Make sure the concealer you’re using is oil free, for the perfect nude look.
  • Use a light bronzer with a slight shimmer. The key is to brush is where the sun naturally hits, such as the apples of your cheeks, the bridge of your nose, and on – your temples.
  • – Brighten your eyes with gold, bronze and copper colored eyeshadows.
  • Save the heavy and dark lipstick for winter; use bright stains and tinted balms to achieve a naturally bright puckered look.
  • – Finish up with waterproof mascara. Enough said.