As a crafter, it’s easy to flounder a bit and start guessing the right supplies and craft tools that can handle multiple home decor projects. It’s good to receive some guidance to ensure you make the right decisions. As a newbie crafter, you need this inspiration which is why we discuss the best tools home crafters need today in this article. As a home decor enthusiast, you should get the right craft tools and supplies.

There are crafter bits and pieces that are must-have, some of which you didn’t know existed. Thankfully, we will highlight the best crafting tools you should get.

Fancii Precision Craft Knife

As a crafter, you need this knife. The knife kit comes with 16 pieces which easily spans the width of any craft project. Besides, the knife is affordable. It has durable carbon steel blades and it’s easy to store and extremely lightweight.

Changing blades takes about 5 seconds and it works well for both right and left-hand users. The blade pieces include scoring, deburring, general-purpose, stencil, and chiseling.

Set of Pliers

Pliers help in different crafting areas. Usually, when buying one, you get a pair of needle-nose, round nose pliers and wire cutters. Each of the tools is designed for a specific purpose. Having a set of pliers makes your craft life easier. For instance, you can use it for cutting wires, or jewelry making among others.

Piecing & Brad Setter Tool

The two tools are put together to give you a helping tool. For instance, the brad tool can also be used for embellishments with prongs and not just dealing with brads. You can use the piercing tool instead of the awl. The craft tool helps you in different projects.

Craft Tweezers

Crafters have specially designed tweezers. It has a no stick grip coating with a precise tip. It’s a perfect tool for using in smaller items such as beads, findings, gems, and other embellishments.

Cricut Explore Air 2

The Cricut machine is a must-have cutting machine. These tools make your crafting dreams true and can cut over 100 different materials in various ways. It comes in different shades such as twilight, mint, and cherry blossom. The professionals of have assembled a list of different Cricut machines that can help you. You can create things like home decor, stickers, party favors, T-shirts, etc.

Craft Mat

The mat comes in different styles such as self-healing mats, silicone craft mats, and regular craft mats. The craft mat enables you to protect your working surface as you handle the project.

General Tools Precision Tool Kit

This is one tool a crafter should have in his/her back pocket. It offers great assistance in jewelry making and small home projects. This tool kit comes with 11 pieces like tweezers, mini pliers, screwdrivers, and scissors. It offers great help in hobbies such as model making, and electronics.

Scotch Thermal Laminator (Combo Pack)

Having a laminator enables you to make your bobbies and bits for class if you are a teacher. You can laminate even pieces 9-inches wide including two temperature settings. Storing it is easy as it’s cord wraps up underneath and you can easily put it away when finished since it’s small enough.

Mod Podge Smoothing Tool

Perfect for crafters who are into mod podge designs. The piece has both a squeegee and brayer to make your designs smoother. It gives your craft a better finish. You can use the tool anytime you want to decoupage. It finishes your project with crispiness and smoothness and it’s easy to use.


Paintbrushes are a vital component in craftwork. It’s useful when you need to paint your decor. You can get the multi-sized paintbrushes as they come packed in sets and suitable for both watercolor and acrylic painting. The brushes come with sponges which are ideal for applying glue.

Hole Punch

A vital tool in craft. The tool has a round hole punch that helps you make holes in your craft projects. You can make round holes for a picture book, garland, or confetti.

Hot Glue Gun

This is a vital tool in your craft box. You can use it in different projects as it dries quickly and gives you a strong bond. You can use it with different glue sticks to give you room for experimenting.

When considering different craft tools for your projects, the above-mentioned tools should be in your toolbox. Figuring the right tools to get for your project can be daunting if you have no prior knowledge. The basic tools mentioned above are what a crafter needs. The tools help you at every crafting stage. Circuit machine reviews give you a wide range of options to consider when acquiring your craft tools for the project. Examine the reviews and pick one that suits your budget and preference.