Beyonce has always been the one to steal the show. She is loved by her fans and gives a glamorous performance everywhere she goes. Recently she was found to steal the show again at the Coachella 2018 where she was the first black woman to headline the event. Let’s explore the highlights that Beyonce brought into the show!

Gig with Destiny’s Child

It has been some time that Beyonce got to get together with her old band mates of Destiny’s Child. The Coachella 2018 gave the ex members of the band an opportunity to come together and perform again.

Fans were overjoyed to see their favorite band comprising of Beyonce, Michelle Williams and Kelly Rowland churn out popular numbers from their time. The singers were also happy to perform together after such a long time and thrilled the crowd with numbers such as Soldier, Say My Name and lose my Lose My Breath.

It was a moment not to be missed and it did become the talk of the town for a good many reasons.

Romantic Duet with Jay Z

You can really make out the love and strong bond shared by the couple when they sang together on the stage. Beyonce and her husband Jay Z took gave their all when they sang together in the Coachella 2018.

Many fans took to social media to gossip and talk about their favorite couple while sharing videos and images of the event. You can say that it was the highlight of the show as true love gave their performance a new height. Beyonce could be seen very happy to have her hubby beside her on stage!

A Galore of Costumes

Beyonce always loves to leave a mark no matter where she performs. Costumes have been an integral part of her performance but in Coachella 2018 it took to new levels!

During her two hour performance, she went through numerous costume changes- some were casual while others featured intricate work on them. It’s really difficult to think how she managed to pull off every change successfully appearing on stage right at the moment!

The outfits were creation of Balmain, and the fans got to see some dazzling creations to mention. The variety of dresses she wore really captured Beyonce in all her personalities and created all the sex appeal and class she wanted to portray.

The Dance Gig with Solange

Solange, the sister of Beyonce was another person to sing and perform with Beyonce apart from her husband. The duo started off with the song Get Me Bodied and soon followed it up with a magnificent dance battle that few have ever witnessed.

The dance was superbly choreographed and brought out the love shared between the sisters. It went on for quite a long time but the fans had nothing to complain about!

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