She was born and raised in Chicago Illinois. She started out modeling for just for fun at first and then made it into a passion. I enjoy being creative and watching the vision come to life. Faceswithtalent signed her because of the potential they seen in Bluubuckz. When we asked her how did she make it to where she’s at now her response was “by the grace of God” and being a true hustler. She continues to strive for greatness daily and never allows herself to stay content with her current state.

She used to think all her problems where caused by others actions and how it affected her which is somewhat true. However in reality she had to change her thought process to understand not everything is within her control. She can only focus on what she can change which is herself , her reactions, and her emotions so she can move forward.

Bluu is a hustler for a reason and very versatile in her work. She likes to consider herself a jack of all trades. She’s a model, video vixen, influencer, but most importantly an entrepreneur.

Best piece of advice she can give to anyone is to stay persistent and have faith. A goal without work is just a dream. Work hard and believe that anything is possible.

@bluubuckz on Instagram