Caring for dog breeds common for breathing disorders such as brachycephalic syndrome can prove challenging. But these pups prove to be among the most sought after of the breeds still. Known as “flat-faced” dogs, these have some of the most attractive appearances, but the short snout is the cause for not only difficulty in breathing but symptoms such as snorting and snoring.

Though these traits seem trivial in nature for pet parents, they’re indicative of airway obstruction and a need for treatment like natural, safe CBD oil. Without consulting a vet for relief of the symptoms, they will steadily progress over time, increasing the pup’s discomfort. Read here to learn about another diagnosed breathing issue for these canines.

Breeds Common For Brachycephalic Syndrome

Chihuahuas, Shih Tzus, and Pugs are common breeds facing “shortened head” syndrome, also known as brachycephalic breeds. Pet parents refer to them as flat-face or short-nosed dogs. These are typically bred due to their appearance, which ironically is the cause of their airway problems.

The small upper jaw results in the flat face presenting tissues on the inside that are much bigger than the jaw can accommodate, resulting in overcrowding, causing the airway to be blocked and the “brachycephalic airway syndrome.”

Symptoms Associated With The Shared Breathing Disorder

Those breeds of puppies sharing these facial characteristics will all suffer from some form of this disorder in either a mild variation so far as being more susceptible to much more dangerous situations requiring surgical remediation. Shared symptoms for obstructions are snorting, snoring, and noisy breathing, as well as quickly tiring or potentially fainting while exercising.

The condition can progressively become worse with time resulting in permanent damage making collaboration with the pet’s regular vet critical so that surgical intervention can be decided when it becomes necessary or a more moderate treatment can be sought for milder cases, check Symptoms to watch that pose a particular risk:

• Shortening of the palate: For most dogs comprising this category, there is an elongated soft palate (tissue that goes from the nose to the mouth but is covering the throat more than it’s supposed to).

As a general rule, the symptoms consist of merely snoring with perhaps difficulty panting when the weather becomes hot. In more severe instances, the vet may suggest surgery for the palate shortening.

• Nostrils: If you notice that your dog is breathing through the mouth, a common issue for these canines is narrowing nostrils or even collapsing them known as “stenotic nares.” It creates significant challenges during exercise and play activities.

The claim is some have the potential for growing out of the condition. In other situations, opening the nostrils may be needed.

• Panting Problems: Any time you see your puppy struggling to pant, this is cause to visit your vet. It is a symptom of “tracheal stenosis” or a dangerously narrow windpipe. It not only affects the panting but also increases risks with anesthesia.

• Larynx Pouches: This particular condition requires oxygen therapy until the surgical repair can take place. It is the result of the breathing abnormality, which causes inflammation of the larynx pouches known as “everted laryngeal saccules.” It can even go so far as to flip the pouches inside out, causing significant obstruction and, therefore the need for oxygen and surgical intervention.

• Susceptible To Heat:  In hot weather, these canines are unable to draw in adequate air to keep their body cool through panting, causing them to struggle in the heat, which can potentially lead to “heat stroke.” It’s critical to watch for symptoms of glazed eyes, vomiting, or seizure.

The disorder is inherited from one generation to the next. The best thing for these breeds is to spay or neuter your furry companion rather than breeding, especially if your dog has undergone any type of surgical procedure for the condition. Or pick a different type of dog.

The puppies will likely have to go through these exact severe challenges, and you surely would not want to be responsible for that. It is also most difficult for the momma to go through birth with her already existing difficulties.

Not all of these breeds are going to be severe to the point of needing extreme intervention, such as surgery. Some use methods like organic CBD products boasting efficient, effective, safe results for dogs with issues of breathing.

But they will all require a reputable vet to work in coordination with their pet parents to provide the optimum quality of life.