Hi Brian, please tell us a little about you?

I was born in Oakland,Ca but was raised in Texas.My family and myself moved back to California 4 years ago. I’m was born June 21 1989 ,still living in Cali Shredding and working on projects like the Oakland Blade Jam competition or filming online video sections called VOD’s (video on demand) with Vibralux Denim & Blader Gang Worldwide. I’m a patient and passionate human being, and I rollerblade.

How long have you been skating? 

Since 2004.

Who teach you to skate? 

My friend Jarrid was one of the first kids I knew that had aggressive skates. We use to skateboard and blade around my home town Round Rock, Texas. I started skateboarding a lot first and ended up getting a sponsor from our local skatepark called Ramp Ranch. At that time skateboarding was starting to become more popular and that wasn’t why I wanted skate. It was feeling of being a rebel  and I felt it was loosing that. That’s when I met my friend Zack G , we both went to the same school and there was only a handful of rollerbladers which I was cool with at the school. My family had moved to a new house and my neighbor across the street would always blade this grind rail out front and one day I just asked him if I could try it out. I was hooked after that.I remember the day I told my sponsor that I wanted to start rollerblading and to find out the owner of the skatepark had a older son who also bladed. They where very positive about my choice and still agreed to sponsor me for rollerblading. When I went back to school with rollerblades it was as if I was a alien who just visited earth for the first time. It gave me that immediate feeling of being a rebel or that black sheep for real. And being one of the only black “skaters” there I defiantly got my fair share of name calling. It’s crazy to think how much time has change from being called white boy because you liked skateboarding to being called a fruitebooter because you like rollerblading. Now a days the skaters are more popular then football players and it’s not as uncommon to see a black kid skateboarding. Shout out to all the black sheep out there.

Where has been your favorite place to skate? 

Round rock skate park (the dojo) in Texas.

When did you realize skating was becoming less of a hobby and more of a profession?

When I realized the positive impact I was making just by being myself and blading. Going on tours,filming sections, and getting to meet people who iv inspired really makes you put things in prospective. I believe it became more of a responsibility more then anything. blading is like good underground music and I want to share it with you.

What did you do to get noticed? 

Defiantly when I started skating for this company called Valo Skate Brand. The Internet played a big role it changed from the waiting on vhs/dvd’s in the mail to just clicking play on your phone or computer.

What’s your favorite trick? 

Alley Oop Makio

Is it scary to try new tricks? 

Mastering your fear is everything it can be a battle sometimes, but yes it can be scary that’s something  that makes blading fun. You have to learn to treat your body well because your health is your wealth.

What is the key to throwing combination tricks?

It’s like a equation. You first try to figure it out, then try it. When you lace the trick it’s like you solved it. Confidence is everything.

Who do you look up to the most and why?

Im constantly inspired not just by one person but by everyone from music, art, fashion, sports, life in general. You reading this inspires me.

What is your favorite competition? 

Blading Cup in Santa Ana, CA

What does a day in the life of a professional skater consist of? 

Constantly finding skate spots even when your not trying too, lots of promotion and filming. Blade with the homies and coming up with new ideas and projects. It’s up to you to be in charge of your own career.

Tell us about Oakland Blade Jam?

The Oakland Blade Jam is a competition created in 2013 to bring the Bay Area blade scene together. It’s a session style based competition with some of the best bladers from around the world. It’s a event for all ages and all people. We do a street completion one year and a skatepark completion the next. Just to keep the street roots alive. It couldn’t be done with out all of the Bay Area blade community.

Shout out to my brothers JSF crew, Omezzy, And K-Dub .

What are some of your other passions? 

Art, music and fashion are a few things are heavy into. I believe everything that impacts you can be shown through your own talents or own creation.

Do you have any advice for kids that want to go pro? 

Learn business and know what your goal is. Patients is something you must have and a burning passion to blade. If it’s not fun and your not enjoying what you do then you need to reevaluate your life.

3 things you can’t live without?

Jah, my family and water

Where do you see yourself in the next five years? 

Somewhere beautiful with my family. Just happy, enjoying life that’s all I want.

What’s your favorite show on T.V. right now?  

Sons of Anarchy is always a must.

How important is Social Media for you?

Very. Just enough to be relevant but not to much to be possessed by it. Life is to beautiful to be trapped up in the social media world.

Where we can follow you? 

gram- @masterthriller

Twitter- @bfreethrilla



Quote: “..the difference between us and them? We us and they them.” – Julez Santana

Book: The alchemist

Food: Pizza

Restaurant: Ahn’s

Movie: Raise of the planted of the apes

Song: Shotgun blues – Lightnin Hopkins

Holiday Destination: Where ever the sun is shining.

Photo credit – Jonathan Labez / @JMLabez