Californian beauty Caitlin O’Connor has graced the pages of Sports Illustrated, FHM, Maxim, and many more. Following her passion in acting and after minoring in theater at UCLA, Caitlin landed her first role on the MTV series Chelsea Settles, as well as guest spots on HBO’s Entourage and Comedy Central’s The Nick Show Kroll.

We got a chance to chat with the Beautiful Caitlin who is by far more than just a pretty face!.

How are you Caitlin? You have had a busy 2013, what projects are you currently working on?

I am great. Thanks for asking.  I have had a busy year – that’s for sure! I am excited for some new projects that are coming out very soon. I’m appearing in the December issue of Maxim (BTS photos attached) and was recently on the cover of Rukus Magazine and appeared in Elegant Magazine as well as California Wedding Day Magazine out now.  If you like the show Key & Peele on Comedy Central, I am appearing in the Halloween episode of the show as vampire Samantha! (BTS photos attached). Another upcoming project is my music video for UNA where I play an Old Hollywood “Marilyn Monroe” character.

You were born in LA, but spent most of your child hood in Pennsylvania, when was the first time you entered a beauty pageant and how did that come about?

I always loved watching pageants on television as a little girl.  It was a hidden dream of mine to enter beauty pageants, but I was a shy kid and didn’t think I was cut out for it.  When I turned 14, I decided to give it a shot anyway and entered the Miss Pennsylvania Teen USA pageant.  The next year I made Top 15 and when I was 21 I made it to the Top 5 at Miss Pennsylvania USA and MIss Swimsuit USA- what an honor.  When I moved back to Los Angeles, I competed at the Miss California USA and won Miss Photogenic Award that year.

This year your roles have been in various comedy TV programs, are there any specific roles / characters that you prefer?

Comedy acting is very fulfilling for me. I love to make people laugh – whether they are laughing with me or at me – I pretty much don’t mind.  Comedy warms the heart and laughter is a great de-stresser. A dream of mine is to produce and star in my own sitcom on television one day.

You have done both modeling and acting, what is your preference and why?

Modeling is my bread and butter and I am very passionate about my work – whether I am acting or modeling.  But acting is definitely my main path now and I am leaving a lot of my modeling days behind me. As a serious actress, I still use my modeling experience daily.  As a model I learned how to pose, and I learned camera angles, lighting, and blocking – these things are all essential for any actress so modeling experience has been very beneficial to me.

What do you think is your most attractive attribute?

My most attractive attribute is my brain – although not many people get to know me personally – I’m still pretty shy behind the camera; my close friends know me as an intellectual, spiritual, deep thinker.

You have beautiful skin, what is your beauty regime?

My beauty regime is pretty simple.  I wash my face daily with a gentle exfoliant and I also use organic moisturizers.  One thing I’d recommend is to not sleep in your foundation or makeup and always wear sunscreen daily.

Your figure is something that has attracted a lot of attention, what do you do to keep fit and maintain your figure?

Exercise is a necessity, but I must admit I’m pretty lazy and I love to eat.  Not a winning combination.  To stay fit, I run on the beach and hike Runyon Canyon here in LA from time to time.  I don’t exercise daily but I do squeeze in workouts at least twice a week.

What do you think makes a women beautiful and why?

Class, intelligence and wit make a woman truly beautiful.  It is a woman’s spirit and personality which convey beauty – it’s not all looks.  Women who smoke their reflection and do not invest in their soul become ugly to those around them.

You were voted “Most likely to Become Famous” in high school. Why do you think that was?

Back in high school in Pennsylvania, I was a cheerleader. I had a lot of friends but was very shy and socially awkward. During my senior year, I took a little trip to Los Angeles to visit my father and work on the set of the third installment of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. When I returned home, I started telling my close friends that I had caught the acting bug.  It was an honor to get that title.

Both the modeling and acting world are very competitive industries, what drives you and what you do think sets you apart from the rest?

Well, two things definitely set me apart from the rest here in LA.  I’m very very  persistent and I have very tough skin.  I’m involved in the most complex, most glamorous, and strangest industry in the world.  I’m driven by love for my craft (acting) and my love for the spotlight.

You’re a busy women, do you have any time for relationships right now?

I’m married to my work but I do have a special someone in my life to cuddle with 🙂

Describe your ideal man?

My ideal man is tall, dark, and handsome.  I have a thing for men in black rimmed glasses and a little scruff.  I’d throw all that away though for a man with a great sense of humor and a great mind.  Intelligence is very sexy.

Who are and have been you inspiration and why?

My grandmother inspires me daily.  She is 81 years old and still cuts the grass, runs her business from home, and cleans the house!

If you could choose to work with any actor who would it be and why?

I’d love to work with Robert Downey Jr – he is a great actor and has such a great comeback story – it’s admirable and cool.

What is the first thing that attracts you about a man?

His hair

You enjoy working for non-profit organizations in your free personal time, what organizations are they and how do you help them?

I support a lot of different charities through monetary donations and time – my favorites including Generosity Water and the Make Yourself Foundation.

You are a classic car enthusiast, tell us more?

I drive a 1964 and 1971 Lincoln Continental.  Classic Cars are beautiful.

Where do you see yourself 10 years from now?

Hopefully, ten years from now I will be producing film and tv and starring in my own sitcom.  I’d also like to be married with one or two children!

What advice would you give to anyone wanting to be an actor?

The biggest advice I can give to anyone looking to become an actor is:   It’s tough out there – foster great connections and be persistent and professional whenever possible. Don’t let anything get you down. There are opportunities everywhere – you have to find the courage to actively seek them out, daily.

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