Hey #FitFam ! We all love mashed potatoes as a side dish for Thanksgiving, but it sure does contain a lot of carbs, and calories! My “Caliente Mashed Cauliflower” is a great low calorie alternative that taste good, if not better!



1 serving of mashed potatoes has 400 calories.

1 serving of mashed cauliflower has only 37 calories.

How to make it ?

Well,, If you are visual like me,, watch my special episode on my show “Being Fat Sucks” and make sure to subscribe to my youtube channel.  Watch and subscribe here 


Instructions :

– Steam Cauliflower for 20 minutes.
– Mash for 1 minute with a potato masher.

To make it extra Caliente  Add the following to 1 serving:

– Add 1 table spoon of “I can’t believe it is not butter”
– Add 1 tea spoon of powdered garlic.
– Add 1 tea spoon of black pepper ( this speeds up your metabolism)
– 1 tea spoon Cayenne pepper
– A pinch of low sodium salt
– Hot sauce 3-4 drops

And there you have it! Mind Right = Body Tight

You can still have fun while looking and feeling amazing!

Happy Thanksgiving and see you guys soon! Much love, Mucho Amor!