If you have used Amazon, you have probably heard of the term third parties. In amazon, a third party is an independent seller who provides used, refurbished, or even new products. Third parties mostly guarantee quick processing and delivery of the products than when buying directly from the site. They also promote and sell products on behalf of the site’s sellers. But can you trust them? If you would like to engage them, here is everything you should know about the amazon third parties.

What the Third Parties Do

Founded by Jeff Bezos, Amazon is the largest online selling platform. It has more than 120 million different products bought and shipped to every part of the world. These products are too many for the site, and that’s where the third-party sellers come in handy. These parties act as intermediaries between the buyers and the amazon. They facilitate the selling and buying process by connecting the buyers to the site.

There are many types of third party sellers going from the already established stores to the small warehouses. But who is responsible for the third party sales? There have been several disputes on who should be held liable for any defective goods sold to customers. Ideally, Amazon is responsible, considering that it’s the leading marketplace. The buyers and sellers should also be keen and choose the types of merchandise they work with carefully. When you choose well, the right third party in amazon can help you to:

• Market your products

An experienced third party retailer can increase your sales. These individuals or firms are usually experienced and they interact with a more extensive client base, including those you do not know.

• Lower your costs

The third-party platforms can help you cut the costs you spend promoting or advertising your products. Retailers can also help you reduce the expenses of testing your new products on Amazon.


Here are the two main disadvantages which you might experience with the third parties:

• Cost

When they market and sell the products on your behalf, the vendors deduct a certain percentage from the sale value of your items. The fees they deduct include the shipping costs, as well as a commission for their selling efforts. The prices might not be too high, although some platforms charge very high rates for the services.

• Loss of identity

You may quickly lose your identity as the seller if you reassign all the duties to the third party. The third-party platforms only focus on the specific product they are selling, and not on the original seller.

How to Choose the Right Third Party on Amazon

Amazon might not successfully verify all the third parties who operate on the platform. Therefore, it is your responsibility to carry out your due diligence before trusting any of the platforms. Here are the crucial things to consider before engaging the vendors:

• Avoid the deals which are too good to be true

Vendors offer different processes for their services. The prices might vary differently according to the types of services, the shipping technology they use, and much more. Before you choose any of the boards, compare what different third parties are offering, to get an average price of what you should expect. Avoid the dealer who provides an abnormally lucrative deal, as they might be inauthentic. The profitable deals could include fake discounts, free coupons, and other exciting things that attract your attention.

• Consider product reviews

All third parties must have a website. Visit the site and go through the reviews. Mostly, these reviews are from the past clients or people who once interacted with that platform. As a smart shopper, you will readily identify the trustworthy vendor and the fake one. Also, do not believe the similar product reviews of the site posted at the same time.

• Consider the accessibility of the website

A legitimate third party seller will have an easy to access company website. The site will be mobile-friendly, easy to use, and will have comprehensive information on the information you need. On the other hand, the scam sellers will have a hidden company website that you cannot navigate with ease.

Amazon remains the best online selling platform. The number of buyers and sellers on the site increases daily, which translates to more third-party vendors. You can either decide to sell or buy your products directly, or use a trusted party lender. Both options are safe, but you should be very keen to avoid falling in the hands of the smart cons. Understand the terms and conditions of trading on the site, and work with the people you trust only. By doing so, you will have an amazing and fascinating shopping experience on Amazon.