Back at the 2020 London Fashion Week in February, old wardrobe staples were getting a makeover. And the star piece of clothing was undoubtedly the trusty trench coat, making them the must-wear items this year. The trench coat has been on-trend for quite some time already, though. In the last couple of years, more fashion-leading celebs have been seen wearing the coats in unique and stylish ways.

Meghan Markle

Ever since Meghan Markle met Prince Harry, she has become a fashion icon. Her unique styling of chic and sophisticated outfits is a source of inspiration for many women. The Duchess of Sussex’s many collections of clothes includes an ever-growing trench coat collection. Her preferred colors for designer trench coats, and other attire, are neutrals such as beige and nude. It has been claimed she enjoys wearing more subtle colors so as not to overshadow Queen Elizabeth II. But neutral hues are also colors that she simply feels comfortable wearing.

And Meghan Markle has proved that trench coats can be worn all year round. Her most famous outing in a light-colored trench coat was in 2018 when she embarked on a 16-day royal tour with Prince Harry. She was snapped on an Australian beach wearing a trench coat in 20-degree heat at the height of summer, where she layered the coat over a black designer dress. She has also been spotted pairing her trench coat with classic blue jeans.

Victoria Beckham

Meghan Markle has shown that you can pull off wearing a trench coat during summer months, and Victoria Beckham has done the same. However, the Spice Girl and fashion designer prefers a little more color than Meghan. Victoria Beckham tends to go for combinations of bright colors like deep red and electric blue. And when she is not in a bright-color mood, Beckham is often pictured wearing full head-to-toe black.

The iconic Brit has been snapped wearing a trendy trench coat on several occasions over the years. Recently, she was caught wearing a sassy blue bodysuit with a black trench coat and peep-toe boots. And last year, she demonstrated her enviable flair for trench coats as she headed into JFK airport. The mother-of-four looked effortlessly stylish wearing a casual nude bodysuit and blue gym leggings with a classic black trench coat.


Out of all the celebrities who keep up with the latest fashion by wearing high-end trench coats, Rihanna is the one who wears the coats in the most unique way. Indeed, whenever the Barbadian singer and actress does classic fashion, she loves to mix it up and put her own stamp on her outfits.

Not long ago, she was pictured in Dubai wearing a trench coat in a different and fresh way. Rihanna was seen wearing a custom Monse trench coat as a dress. Yes, she wore a trench coat with a very short hemline and a large Oscar de la Renta crystal belt buckle to make the trench look like a dress. Nobody knew a trench coat could look so sexy! She paired the coat-dress with beige Guiseppe Zanotti stilettos, George Keburia sunglasses, and tons of classy jewelry.