I’ll be the first to admit, I get bored at the gym easily. Unless I have a planned out routine, there are days where I don’t know where to begin. Cardio again? Should I work my shoulders? Maybe legs? Planning out a workout can be both daunting and really tedious, but I have a solution. Maybe it’s time to try something out of the box!

I have put together a short list of some alternative workouts that you might not have at your local gym, but they might just be the solution to getting out of the boring gym routine. Time to look for that groupon!

My short list: 

  • Aerial Silks/Hammock/Lyra: Ever seen Cirque du Soleil? Many of the performers are trained in one of these disciplines. It’s a challenging workout for the whole body and increases strength quickly. Holy pull-ups!
  • Pole Fitness: Not what your thinking! Pole fitness over the last few years has been the up and coming work out. This combines both dance and strength training. If you’re looking to tone up the whole body and learn to move fluidly, this is your workout!


  • Rock Climbing: There are plenty of indoor rock-climbing gyms in and around Orange and LA counties. You will burn calories and challenge yourself both physically and mentally. Rock climbing is a great couples and family experience, so get everyone involved!
  • Zumba!: Not only is this workout featured on your Wii and Xbox, but there are plenty of studios and gyms that offer classes. You will learn some spicy Latin moves and sweat like crazy! Grab a friend and try it out!
  • Swing Dancing: Whether you have a dance partner or not, swing dancing is a fun, social exercise. The time will go by before you know it and you will have smashed calories to boot!



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