Our interview with talented singer/songwriter and independent recording artist Chetti who is making a mark on the music industry. Chetti’s music gives fresh and new vibes to pop, soul & R&B. Chetti released her first single ‘In The City’ worldwide in January 2014, and dropped her debut EP titled ‘In The City’ in September 2014. She has also worked with award-winning multi-platinum producers like Ali ‘Dee’ Theodore. Chetti is currently working on new music and her vision encompasses a return of soul to the pop world.

Hi Chetti, please tell us a little about you?

Hi! I’m Chetti, I’m a singer/songwriter from NYC!

How it all started?

I’ve had a love affair with music since I was a baby. My maternal side is majorly musical so I was immersed in it at such a young age !

When was it that you first realized that you wanted to pursue music as a career?

I was three years old! I turned to my mother and told her that I was going to be a famous recording artist. At the time she didn’t think too much into it but as time passed she realized just how deep rooted the love was for me.

What is your musical background?

I’ve always sang. When I was six or so I started taking piano lessons with the most wonderful teacher. His name was Tony and he had the patience of a saint….I was less than attentive to say the least i never wanted to learn how to read music. I ended up stopping the lessons but taught myself how to play by ear. I did theatre all throughout high school through college, where I graduated with a degree in the Performing arts ! I also did some off Broadway work shortly after graduation

Is your family musical?

Extremely !!

What kind of music do you listen normally?

A mixture of everything to be quite honest! It ranges from Pop to Italian, Spanish, Rap, R&B – you name it, it’s probably on the most currently playlist.

Tell us about your hit single “In The City”? 

I wrote it when I started recording professionally, when I really started in the business. That point in my life was extremely pivotal- I had just gotten my feet wet and I was learning so much. For me, that song was a reflection of everything I was feeling at that moment: the starting of my journey, the pride I have for my city and the faith I had in myself to succeed.

Describe your sound in 3 words?

Fun, Honest, Feel Good

What were your influences for your music?

Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson, Celine Dion, Gloria Estefan, Ryan Tedder, Jackie Wilson, Aretha Franklin

What is your next goal as a musician?

Record or distribution deal by a major label! Then starting a world tour!

What are the five things you can’t live without?

My Family, Friends, Music, Pasta and chocolate

What music we can find in your iPod?

Everything. Literally everything.

Any loves other than music?

Yes!! Designing & Acting. I paint/ draw and just recently started bringing my designs to life through clothing. I actually hand crafted the jacket I wore to the Pre-Grammy party I just recently performed at.

Acting is also a huge love for me. I studied it in college and I’m consistently auditioning and or doing commercial or tv work!

Best advice ever given?

Be true to who you are

Describe yourself in 3 words?

Bubbly, sassy, affectionate

Do you get nervous before a performance?

Not usually but it depends!

Any advice for upcoming singers?

Stay true to who you are as an artist. Grow and evolve but don’t change because someone tells you to

If you weren’t singing, what would you be doing? 

…..Singing lol

Idea of a perfect Sunday?

Big Sicilian Sunday dinner surrounded by family and close friends- post cuddles & a good movie…Home is where the heart is.

Do you support any charity?

Several. My family has always been passionate about giving back and they’ve definitely passed that love on to me. I think it is so important to lend a hand in whatever way you can. I’ve performed at charity functions for organizations like On your Mark, as well as for Children with Autism and St. Jude’s. I’d love to eventually head out to the St. Jude’s hospital to perform for the children.

Any exiting news you want to share with us?

I just recently performed at a pre-Grammy party and will be releasing new music !!

How important is Social Media for you?

In a world where social media is everything, it is extremely important ! It’s my direct connection to my fans

Where we can follow you?

Social handle: IG @Chetti_official / Twitter @Chetti_Official

Spotify/ iTunes: Chetti


Quote: Walk toward the sunshine and the shadows will fall behind you

Food: Pasta

Actor/Actress: Al Pacino / Gina Rodriguez

Drink: Anything but water lol I have to force myself to drink it

City: NYC

Movie: Scent of a woman

Sport Team: Yankees

Song: Too many favorites but I particularly love the message of “that’s all I ever wanted” by Kate Earl

Photo Credit: Sal Pavia Photograpy