Our exclusive interview with gorgeous actress, dancer and Youtube sensation Chloe East who can be seen in “Jessica Darling’s It List” and Liv & Maddie for its summer 2016 season.

Chloe loves to keep up with her YouTube channel where she posts regularly, and indulgences in her love for cooking, vlogging, fashion, tutorials, and just filming fun! She loves to take popular videos and puts her own ‘Chloe’ twist, filming and editing most everything herself.

“Jessica Darling’s It List” premieres June 21st and will be available on Digital HD and On Demand.

And if you want to meet Chloe, she will be at this years VIDCON in Anaheim, California on June 23-25!.

Hi Chloe please tell us a little about you?

I grew up in San Clemente. I have 2 brothers and a peekapoo dog names Lola. I started dancing when I was 2 1/2 and acting when I was 6.

How did you get started acting?

My first production was The Wizard Of Oz. I was 6 and was cast in the Lullabye League. I was in a weekly musical theater acting class. I went on the play Sandy in Annie and then 3 years later i played Annie.

Did your family support your decision to become an actress?

Yes. I couldnt do it without them.

Tell us about your role in “Jessica Darling’s It List”?

I play Jessica Darling at 12. The movie is based on a novel by NY times best selling author Megan Mcaferty! She wrote a series of 5 books featuring Jessicas experiences from 7th grade all the way through college. Its exciting to watch her grow up. (dont want to spoil anything).

What’s your favorite part working on this movie?

Filming the running scene!

How did you got selected for the role?

My agent sent over a request for a self tape. The producers/director brought me in for several call backs and eventually I got the “call” from my agent!

And now how is working on a very successful show as “Liv & Maddie”?

Best experience ever! I love everyone there especially the creators Ron and John!

Who is your best friend on the set?

Tenzing Trainor and Lauren Donzis. We are in set school together so I spend the most time with them!

What role would you love to play that you haven’t yet?

Im open to all possibilities!

What advice would you give to those who want to be in this business?

Enjoy the process! I mean going to class, auditioning, reading scripts, watching films, research! and Hard work does pay off!

And now tell us about your very successful Youtube channel?

Its really evoloved! I started out doing Rainbow loom videos. Next was Cooking with Chloe and now I make Videos that I would like to watch!

How often do you post videos?

Depends on my schedule but i try to post once a week on my main channel ChloeEast or my vlog channel Chloe East Vlogs

We know you are also a champion class dancer, are you still on it?

Yes I love Dance! I will be going to study Ballet in New Yoork and Dallas this summer with The Joffrey Ballet!

How do you manage to do acting, dancing, a youtube channel at a very young age?

I just try to squeeze it all in!

What are the 3 things you can’t live without?

Movies, Postmates and Uggs

What is your favorite healthy food?

Acai bowls

And your favorite cheat food?

Tokyo Banana cookies from Japan or Pringles.

Five years from now you will be….

I’ll be in college

What kind of music do you like? And don’t like?

I love musicals. Im obsessed with “Hamilton” right now!

Do you support any charity?

I have worked with several organizations including St.jude and I Dance For a Cure.

Your idea of a perfect Sunday is…?

Going to church and relaxing at home with my family.

Do you have any hobbies?

I love to bake

What do you think of the Social Media?

Its a great way to keep in touch with my friends,family in New York, and fans.

Where we can follow you?

Instagram: @Chloeeast
Youtube: ChlochloeastChloe East Vlogs
Twitter: Chloeeast_
Snapchat: chloeeast11

Favorite Book: Misery

Sports Team: Whatever my Dad likes

Celebrity Crush: Jake Gyllenhaal

Drink: Pelligrino

Favorite music: Film scores

Travel destination: Iceland

Movie: Hateful Eight

Tv Show: Gotham