Today the chronograph remains one of the most sought after watches in the world. Though it has been very highly ranked over and always used as a way of showing class, it is also one of the most unutilized and many people who have it do not understand it fully. They always relate it to several complications.

While a good number of young people under the age of 40 go out looking for the services of chronograph watches; studies show the majority of these customers just buy it for their classy looks, they either do not understand their intended use, do not know how to fully operate its functionalities or simply never use it for timing purposes. With additional features to the watch, it leads to a significant increase in its price. The complexities increase the cost of the timepiece in comparison to the worth of the base model. The many complexities added to the base model according to popular opinion, have less uses, the only essential features to the user are the Chronograph and the date function. The two are some of the most desirable features found on this type of wristwatch today.

According to an article on NanaDC, most individuals have always stood in awe, looking at some of the chronograph watch advertisements just because they have made to appear cool and classy. Though the watch is related to several complications, there is a good number of its users who are much knowledgeable with what happens in the world of watches. They are very much aware that these chronograph watches have many practical purposes. One can use these type of watches to keep track of his exercise routine, timing your classes, timing how long it takes a football takes, timing your fast food delivery among other many uses.One should never confuse the chronograph with a Chronometer; these are the ones which when labelled on Swiss-designed watches indicate that it is officially certified by COSC and its tried and tested to meet the exceptionally exact and particular measures. In layman’s term, the chronograph is just a fancy word used to refer to a stopwatch or a timer. Commonly it uses anyplace between one and three buttons, these “pushers” begin, halt and reset the chronograph work without interfering with the observation. Whereas a few observations can only record up to thirty minutes at a time, others can go as long as 12-hours. The recorded time is perused off sub-registers (or recorders) found on the dial of the observed point. These registers check slipped by seconds, minutes, and hours when the pusher is enacted.

For care and maintenance purposes it is advisable that you regularly ensure that your chronograph watch is sparkling clean (Only the leather strap should be left out) using a soft piece of cloth and warm water with soap. After putting it into the salty water, rinse it in fresh water and leave it to dry completely. Never leave your watch anywhere that is subject to temperature variations such as a change in humidity or temperature, strong magnetic fields or direct sunlight. It is much advisable that you take your watch for a check-up after every 3 to 4 years by an approved chronograph watch specialist or sales representative or retailer shop. To fully get the benefits of maintenance services, ensure the guarantee remains valid at most of the dealer shops for these watches, always consult an authorised sales representative or retailers for the brand of the chronograph watch you bought. Chronographs have the unique precision that all quartz possess. Their power reserve usually lasts for about 2 years in continuous use. If you plan not to be using your chronograph watch for several weeks or months, you are advised to store it with its crown pulled out to position III. This cuts the circuit for electrical power supply to the motor, thereby extending battery life considerably. Once the battery gets used up, it must be replaced without delay by an approved dealer who will replace it with its perfect fit, normally battery type; silver oxide and zinc button cell, 1.55 V, No. 394, SR 936 SW. Regardless of what motives made you acquire a chronograph watch; we are always here to help you buy the best chronograph watch in the market.

The primary goal here is to help you go through the process of selection with ease. It does not have to be as hectic as many people find it on their first experience shopping for a wristwatch. With the awe-struck choices out there, choosing the most excellent chronograph observe for you’ll be able to be a very overwhelming task. There is a good number of chronograph watches rounded up on this page that fit the criteria that you might be having in mind. Take a good look around and find out what we have on our selection.