When it comes to fashions in clothing and women’s shoes online, the trends may seem completely random and arbitrary to the casual observer. However, fashion can be cyclical, and the trends from 20 to 30 years ago tend to make a comeback.

This pattern is recognizable when it comes to current trends in shoes. In the 1980s, white  Adidas shoes for women and men were massively popular among both athletes and fans of comfortable footwear. Over time, the striking white sneaker fell out of favor, but a combination of nostalgic factors have renewed interest in these and many other brands collectively dubbed “dad sneakers.” At one time intended as a disparagement, the nickname now expresses a fondness for classic styles and colors.

It can be difficult to explain this cyclical pattern in footwear fashion. A number of factors play into it. To learn about the phenomenon in more depth and start forming your own theories, read on.

Comfort From the Past

For many people, the decision to buy can be based on emotion as much as, or more than, logical and practical considerations. When people see a product, such as puma sneakers, that reminds them of their bygone youth, they can become swept up in emotional reminiscence. Nostalgia sells, and therefore it can be a powerful force behind current fashion trends.

There is comfort to be derived from buying a product that transports you back to a simpler time in childhood. However, part of what may be driving the resurgence of classic white sneakers is physical comfort. Sneakers, of course, are designed as active wear for people who often participate in strenuous activity; therefore, they have always been comfortable.

However, shoes manufactured today in a retro style can also incorporate the advances that have been made in comfort technology over the past few decades, meaning that today’s retro sneakers can feel even better than yesterday’s.

Connection to the Future

Seeing the fashions of your youth make a resurgence can be bittersweet. Some people report feeling dated when the old trends come back around. Others, however, derive satisfaction and joy from seeing younger generations adopt the same fads that they enjoyed in their younger years.

When you are a parent, it can sometimes be difficult for you to find a way to connect with your teenage children. If your teenagers start adopting retro fads from your era, such as white sneakers from the ’80s and ’90s, it can spark a conversation and provide you with common ground. In this way, classic white sneakers are more than just a recurrent fad.

They become an experience that you can share with your adolescent, sparking a conversation and potentially strengthening the bonds between you. This gives you the opportunity to share other stories and experiences that are important to you, particularly those that may provide useful tools for your children when it comes time for them to strike out on their own.

Retro Is Always Relevant

Evolution doesn’t mean changing into something completely different. Rather it involves including what came before and applying it in a new way. This same pattern holds true for fashions in footwear. Whether you are reliving your past or trying out a style that is new to you, you can find classic white sneakers and other retro shoe fashions from online retailers.