Noticing a problem with your eyes or with your vision can be quite scary, especially if you’re not sure what it is. Many people experience minor problems with their vision which can be easily corrected. As people age, the chances of experiencing changes in their vision is much higher, so being aware of some problems that might come up is useful.

Eye Conditions

Listed below are some common eye conditions that will most likely come across in your life. Some of them are relatively easy to treat by visiting your local optometrist. Sometimes all you need is some eye drops, or in some cases the problem may just go away on its own. Alternatively, you may need to find more specialized services in your area. Vision therapy is one option, and you will be able to find a vision therapy Calgary center at that offers one of the best rehabilitation processes to better your vision.


This is a very common condition to find in people and is usually corrected with glasses or contact lenses. The symptoms of nearsightedness are that objects that are further away appear blurry, whereas objects that are close are in focus and clear. It is the opposite of long-sightedness.


Typically, this is the opposite of being nearsighted however, in more severe cases, people can’t see objects that are near or far when they are long-sighted. Normally though, this is when people can see far away objects clearly but when the object is near is becomes blurry.

Red Eye

Red eye is not really an eye problem in itself, but it can be a sign of something more serious so it should be taken seriously. Commonly it can be the first symptom of an eye infection which you will need to get sorted quickly so that it doesn’t get any worse, or spread into the other eye. It could also be a sign of sun damage.


If you are experiencing eye strain, then it may be that your vision is temporarily blurry or your eyes are bloodshot. It can occur when people spend too long focusing on the same thing such as when they are reading or when they have been looking at a computer screen for too long.


Eye floaters are a very common condition where people see small spots or flecks in their vision. Usually they are nothing to be too concerned about, but if they develop into flashes or you suddenly experience more of them this could be a sign of something more serious, and you should visit a doctor or optometrist straight away.

Dry Eyes

A few of the symptoms of dry eyes include itchiness, redness, blurry vision, and higher sensitivity to light. If you are experiencing dry eyes then some things that you can do to help relieve the symptoms are keeping your eyes clean, take out any contact lenses that you might be wearing and put on glasses. Make sure to take a break if you are looking at a screen or reading a book.