Have you ever met a woman who absolutely loves shoes? Or handbags? Or expensive jewelry? What may be surprising though is that men also enjoy some of the “finer things” that life has to offer. You may know all too well – in fact, you may be one of thee fellows who likes to purchase accessories, collect watches, or keep a huge selection of shoes on-hand, “just in case.”

Even if you aren’t a so-called collector, chances are you can still appreciate the beauty in the Tag Heuer watches online, or Bruno Magli luxury leather shoes. However, when it’s time to buy these items, especially when it comes to watches, there are some mistakes you may make. Knowing what these are can help you avoid them.

Mistake: Purchasing a Watch Someone Else Tells (or Wants) You to Buy

One of the first things to remember when you are deciding what to buy is that you’re a grown up. By now, you should be able to make decisions on your own for your attire, shoes, and the way you do your hair. The same goes for the watch you ultimately purchase.

This doesn’t mean that you can’t take the time to get someone else’s opinion, but it’s up to you to make the final call. Make sure you choose a watch that you like – not one that someone else has picked out that they like – you are the one who’s going to be wearing it.

Mistake: Following the Watch Trends Blindly

There is no question that the selection of hi-tech watches that feature computer like features have been popular over the past several years. However, this (by no means) implies they are a must buy item.

Remember, there is a reason that trends are called trends – they tend to come and go, while the classic watch options (think analog) are always going to be popular. The newer styles that are being introduced aren’t really going to be able to replace them very well. Be sure to remember that when shopping for a new watch.

Mistake: Not Paying Attention to the Less Well-Known, Smaller Watch Brands

Chances are you have seen a commercial (or two) for bigger watch brands. It’s pretty impressive how they can zoom in and show off all the various features and angles of the watch – and isn’t it amazing how the watch is in absolutely perfect lighting?

Then, in comes the celebrity or sports superstar wearing this well-known, big name watch. It’s pretty easy to be impressed and want that exact watch. However, if you are a savvy buyer, you know you should do the exact opposite.

A stylish man with taste isn’t going to base the watch he buys on the brand alone – that is actually a secondary consideration. This is going to be the man who understands he can get a similar watch from a much smaller company – what really matters is the quality and design of the watch.

Don’t rule out the “little guys.” Chances are, they are going to offer the watch of your dreams.

Mistake: Buying a Watch That Is Too Distracting or Loud

If you are buying your very first watch, then don’t try to swing for the fences right away. Instead, try to find a watch that is going to be good for use on a day to day basis. Think about your day to day situations, as well as your environment.

For example, are you currently in school? Chances are, that garish, bold watch isn’t going to help you when midterms roll around. Also, look at the dress code at your school – if you are in the fields of medicine or law, you are expected to dress a specific way. A loud watch can be a distraction.

Another situation is if you have a job interview. If you have a “loud” watch on, it may sabotage your effort to seem modest. Remember, you aren’t the boss, and you aren’t the person who is holding the interview. Don’t try to one-up these people by wearing a watch that says more than you do – even if it is unintentional.

Mistake: Selecting a Watch That Isn’t the Right Size for Your Wrist

Even if you choose an amazing, elegant watch with all the best features and details, you may still find that there’s something about it that just doesn’t “work.” Why is this, you may wonder? It’s simple – it’s because the watch is not the right size.

You have to find a watch that works with your wrist. To do this, you may need to find someone who can help.

As you can see, there are more than a few mistakes you may make when trying to choose a watch. By knowing what these mistakes are, you are in a great position to avoid them.