On March 11th, Kenneth Chang did something a little different from his normal line Consort62 (menswear). He introduced “Miss Consort,” a line devoted to classy women who love to take risks. “Miss Consort” is a line that reflects all the ladies who have influenced Chang in his life. Although known for contemporary menswear, Chang surprised us all with this chic ladies line.


The Consort62 line showed traditional menswear with the use of great fabrics. From mixing sweaters with skirts and leather jackets, Chang clearly isn’t afraid to push the envelope. His line complements a man who has excellent style with a bit of an edge to him. With cozy fleece tops and fierce jackets, the Consort62 look is unforgettable.


Chang’s “Miss Consort” was quite different from the men’s line. This line showed long dresses that draped and flowed gently. Most of these women had flowers in their hair, which added innocence to the overall look. These fabrics include bright and warm colors. These contemporary designs were wearable by any woman who enjoys a nice dress to wear on a sunny day.

Chang amazed us all with his ability to show that not only can he design incredible menswear, but that he can design something elegant and beautiful for women as well.

By Sara Ehlers