Getting a gift for your tabletop gamer friend can be fun as you’ll find many different things you want to purchase, that you might even consider for yourself. The best part of getting the gift is when you get to try it alongside your friends, so make sure you get something that you know your friends will enjoy. Here are 7 cool gifts you can get your tabletop gamer friends.

1. Jenga

Playing Jenga with your friends is always fun, especially when you decide to up the stakes and get an even larger Jenga that can easily be played outdoors. Jenga sets come in different sizes to pick one that you know will suit the person you’re giving the gift to.

2. Dice Sets

There’s a 99% chance that your tabletop gamer friends will enjoy a really pretty metallic dice set that includes a 16-sided dice inside. Board games generally tend to use dice very frequently and getting your friends a dice set can ensure that they always remember you when they roll the finely crafted dice in any game. This can make for a super cool gift for your friends who play games like dungeons and dragons that rely heavily on the use of dice.

3. A Jigsaw Puzzle

Jigsaw puzzles are one of the best gifts you could give a tabletop gamer as solving them can be a great pastime activity. The harder the puzzle is, the more accomplished people feel after solving it. So getting your friend a very large jigsaw puzzle to solve can keep them occupied with your gift for weeks. Sometimes, stores even let you insert your own image for a jigsaw puzzle so getting a personalized jigsaw puzzle as a gift for your friend can bring a very wide smile onto their faces that lasts a very long time.

4. Playmats

Tabletop gamers tend to spend most of their time playing on the ground as it’s generally a more spacious option when compared to a table. If your friend is into a specific game like Yu-Gi-Oh, you can always get them a themed playmat from https://www.yourplaymat.com/collections/yugioh-playmats and it’s a bonus if you can find a playmat with the artwork of their favorite card in the game. Getting your friends an item that they use every time they play their favorite games can give your gift a lot of sentimental value so your friends will really appreciate it.

5. Themed Board Games

If you know that your friend likes to play Monopoly and that he/she is a big fan of Batman, find a Monopoly game that’s Batman-themed to get the best of both worlds. Getting your friends a board game that’s themed after something that they enjoy very much can be one of the coolest gifts you can get a tabletop gamer. Themed chess boards are also a very popular gift that never fails to amaze so check what you can find online or on your local game store.

6. Customizable Playing Cards

Regular playing cards can feel a little plain and boring after using them for so long. Spicing up your friend’s deck by giving them customized playing cards that are either themed after something they really enjoy or simply by customizing it so that their faces are on some of the playing cards can completely change a game of poker. You can visit online pages that offer customizable playing cards or simply opt for a themed deck instead as both of them make for really cool gifts.

7. Themed Coasters

Tabletop gamers constantly deal with the struggles of leaving cup marks on the table after inviting friends over for a game of scrabble. Getting regular coasters might seem a little dull but if you get them finely crafted wooden coasters themed after their favorite games, it becomes a whole different ball game. A simple logo on the coaster is enough to make it look magnificent and the best part is that they’re super easy to get. Searching for themed coasters online is all you have to do to get dozens of different websites offering hundreds of different coaster designs.

A gift thought out is always going to make your friends happier than a random gift that barely resembles the things that they actually like. Tailoring your gift towards a tabletop gamer is generally much easier than for other people, you just have to think about what they would enjoy getting as a gift. Getting them themed gifts or accessories for their games is generally the best route and the best part is that most of these items aren’t expensive at all.