The dilemma of writing a high-quality college essay could be resolved through the application of well-researched techniques, but one could remain clueless as to how to write that good college essay in a short time frame. An essay that gets crafted in a timely fashion should not be done to the detriment of quality, absolutely. A keen student is one who manages to make the best out of a difficult situation. That said, being constrained to write under the wire pushes them to write fast, and that’s when quality could be overlooked for the sake of the end product—a complete college essay. This essay offers tested tips that have proven to be useful when it comes to writing a college essay fast.

Switch off your phone

You might have thought that your phone is not a problem that may harm your writing performance. In fact, having your phone in front of you on your desk while you are trying to write your college essay is a real problem because it hinders your task in two ways. First, receiving notifications from your many applications could definitely distract you due to the acoustic effect of ringtone and vibration. Some students are too sensitive that a whisper could distract them, let alone a WhatsApp ringtone while they are immersed in writing.

In addition, the risk of not switching off your phone is major when you receive messages and you become tempted to respond. Responding to messages and calls is leading to confusion in terms of thoughts and ideas. One would feel too far removed from the context of college essay writing once they get involved in a never-ending conversation online. Switching off your mobile phone is of great importance. A mobile phone is a distracting element that should be put under control when you have to write in a fast manner, otherwise you would end up wasting a lot of time in vain.

Don’t procrastinate

Believe it or not, procrastination is your worst enemy ever. Sometimes, one feels the urge to write their college essay, yet they do nothing but thinking and overthinking about it until it’s too late to write. Why should you let those negative feelings affect your writing task? One should get rid of the inner thoughts that cripple their smooth functioning. When you have more thoughts than action, chances are you are procrastinating about your writing task.

Instead of thinking, put efforts into writing and start right away. It should be admitted that overcoming procrastination is not as simple as we may think. However, that we surrender to it is not what one should do. Beat procrastination in your mind through personification. How? You can talk to it as if it were a person: “No, you won’t waste my time! I will start writing right now!” Once your mind challenges the power of that negative thought, you would become more ready than ever to undertake your college essay in no time.

Avoid perfectionism

Perfectionism could turn out to be a curse, especially when no time is left for you to handle your college essay. Do you think that all the submitted college essays are perfect? No, absolutely not. You might want to render your essay flawless, if you have enough time. But, once you are in a hurry to meet some deadline, it does not seem to be a great idea. The best solution is to lower your standard of work from perfect to good enough. Remember that good enough is an accepted standard.

In order to save time, do not seek a perfect end product, as perfectionism might lead to your failure to respect a specific time frame. Train your mind that what might not be perfect for you, could be perceived as perfect for your reader. Thus, crafting a good and simple college essay could satisfy the expectations of admission officers. So let go of the utopian image of college essay that you have created in your mind, and work on a simple yet neat one.

Create an essay outline

It is not uncommon to feel lost at the beginning of writing; one could feel that they are confused by the variety of ideas that come to mind all at once. When you have to write your college essay fast, you cannot waste much time analyzing, selecting, and examining ideas. What could facilitate the process is a reasonable outline. Put forwards a plan that contains the internal makeup of your essay. It will guide you through the process. Upon you create the outline, all you have to do is respect its elements and flesh them out with corresponding paragraphs.

Proceeding without a well-organized outline might cause you to miss some main points that are central to your essay. Hence, it is a safe step to make sure that you have an outline beforehand, which would facilitate the development of your college essay in a flexible manner. Through an outline, you are less likely to drift away from the crux of the matter.

Find the perfect environment

It is advisable that you choose wisely where you could write your college essay fast. A noisy environment could slow down the rhythm of your writing, let alone if you still have to brainstorm and gather ideas. Unless you have no choice, try to avoid the crowded and loud places. The music style and the varied voices and sounds present could interrupt the thread of your ideas and distract the line of your thoughts.

A clever option could be working in a calm place where you can collect your thoughts adequately. A perfect environment depends on how you perceive it; it could be your home garden, your room, or a study room. Whatever you choose, what matters most is the choice of a setting that guarantees total focus and concentration to perform the essay writing task as fast as possible.

Write the body first

Starting with the body is among the best techniques to write an essay quickly. The main body is where the most important ideas are explained; hence, it would be safer to start with it so that you give it more efforts. Usually the introduction and conclusion contain few information about the core of the college essay, as compared to the body. Notwithstanding, the body is indispensable, and it should be handled with great care.

When you are striving to meet the deadline, it could be better to leave the introduction and conclusion till last. As the body is the largest part of the essay, it has better be done first so that we are sure that we are getting closer to the accomplishment of the essay.

In short, the present tips are of utmost importance for fast writing. Thanks to these essay writing tips, a student could certainly learn how to write an essay quickly. Applying the proposed hacks would result in an effective composition, though ordering a pre-written college essay could also seem to be an appropriate alternative for some.