Let’s be real we are all HOME right now!!

And trying to stay sane and feel good!

Clothing is a huge part of that, whether you’re living that good ol PJ life ( raising hand 🙋‍♀️) or wearing cute outfits to keep yourself going it’s all good!

Here’s some cute looks and ideas for my preggo and non preggo women. Click here!

Personally I love kindred bravely and I’m a big fan from when I was pregnant with Amelia, they are so cozy and comfortable and you don’t feel like you’re wearing pajamas! Which is my favorite part Click here!

More into a robe at home? Click here!

Love this one and currently living in it myself!

Feeling more of a night gown right now?! Love this soft & airy one Click here!

And if you’re not pregnant, I’ve got you covered, and these can totally be worn for postpartum period too. Just cozy and cute!! Click here

Alright, if you’re not into jumping into bed all day haha and I get it and you want to be fabulous at home, YES go for it!

Here’s some faves of mine right now:

(Pink Long Sleeve Tie-Front Skater Dress) Depending how big you’ve bumped out too, you could totally rock this in pregnancy for a bit! I love that it’s still simple but chic!

Personally, that’s the name of the game right now.
Simple but chic! We don’t want to have to think too much with our brains on overload with all going on, so let’s keep it simple!! Click here!

Love a good pleat with a simple top.
So Blair Waldorf even if you are quarantined home, you can still vibe like her! Click here!

When in doubt jump into that perfect yet seamless jumpsuit that always looks fabulous!
I feel like jumpsuits are becoming the new “pajama” and I love it!! Click Here!

Also this is great for my non preggo ladies, and again could be used if you’re pregnant depending your comfort level. Click here!

Love a good print, soft and chic and easy to throw and tie on!
A wrap dress is a great staple for your closet!

Remember ladies, during this time doesn’t mean you have to give up giving fabulous, just make it Casual Simple & Chic!!

Stay sane & stay safe!

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About Ali Levine:
Born and raised in New York, Ali has worked for some of the biggest names in the Fashion industry including Fragments, Coach, Talbots and Target as part of development and design.
Ali relocated to Los Angeles, California where she fell head over heels in love with wardrobe styling. She is an expert when it comes to creating looks for her celebrity clients. From red carpet appearances, music videos to world tours, Ali a unique thumbprint that displays her talent as a Fashion stylist.
Ali’s New York persona took the limelight, when she recently appeared with her husband on Bravo’s hit show, “Stripped.” As a TV correspondent, she’s covered red carpet events for Celebrity Page TV and makes regular appearance promoting herself as a brand on national & local news monthly. Ali’s vibrant personality lights up the red carpet and tv appearance.
After Ali’s recent birth of her daughter Amelia Rei, Ali has transitioned to mompreneur and mommy influencer across the board. Belonging to sought after mommy groups her fashion sense plus real life day to day inspires many who follow her and cover her.
Ali’s new podcast Striptd Down Is the reality and realness about motherhood, her new journey, and finding herself again. Ali talks hard topics like her own experience with post partum depression and a csection and many other hard topics.
Ali keeps it real and raw from her podcast to her social media and sharing her every day life.