When you’re shopping for your guy friend’s birthday, graduation, promotion, or bachelor party, it can get a little tricky when you don’t know what they like. However, you can still get them a great gift even if they haven’t asked for something specific. You can find several options that can be good choices for your buddies, and it doesn’t have to be extremely expensive either. In fact, you’re probably better off shopping for something simple and creative, seeing as this can be a new inside joke that the two of you share later on. Read on if you want to learn more about some of the coolest gift ideas that can be great for your guy friends.

A Gift Fit for a Gamer

If your guy friend is a gamer, there are numerous ideas you can explore. You can easily impress your gamer buddy by getting them the latest game in the market to try it out. Or you can get the latest expansion to the video game that they play. You might interest them with a nice pair of headsets, a new mouse, or even a keyboard. If they are collectors, then getting them a piece of memorabilia or an action figure of a character in the game they love can be an excellent choice. Some gamers love playing old-school games or even on retro/classic gaming consoles.

A Manly Edible Arrangement

If your guy friend is a foodie and loves exploring different foods, then this edible arrangement idea is going to be quite appropriate for them. You can get a whole bucket of chicken and then arrange it creatively for them. Alternatively, you could get them a nice beef jerky bouquet that they will never forget. The gift providers at ManlyManCo.com suggest that you need to find ways that are equivalent to flowers before you give a little macho makeover. This makes this idea very funny and delicious! You can choose between beef jerky roses or flowers. Anything creative that can be edible will be a great choice for your pal, so you don’t have to give it a macho twist. An assortment of any kind of food will just do the job.

Customized Gifts

It can be fun to get a customized gift for your friend. This can be anything from T-shirts, hats, or toys. That said, personalized presents can be the best choice because it shows that you care about your friend and you want something unique and specially made for him. The customization ideas vary, and you could have clothes that have his name, a word, or a quote that they live by. It can be a mug that has a nice design and engraving, or even a nice pair of socks that have his picture on it. Try to have fun thinking of the best-customized gift that you believe will be funny and creative.

Beer Holsters and Fanny Packs

If your friend can’t resist a bottle of cold beer, a beer holster is a gift they can enjoy in the comfort of their home. They’re practically belts with leather beer holders. On the other hand, if your friend doesn’t fancy a drink, you can always buy them print fanny packs with a crazy print. Some of them come with a hairy belly print, while others are a little more explicit than that. Depending on how close you are with your friend and what kind of humor you share and enjoy, make your pick or simply take your friends shopping so they can choose for themselves.

A Miniature Version of Himself

Another option that you can get is a miniature version of himself. It can be a figurine or a bobblehead doll. You just need their picture, and it can be 3-D printed on the figurine, or you could have it glued on somehow. They will adore this, and it can be an excellent addition for them in their car.

You’d be surprised at just how simple guys can be when it comes to gifts. Most guys don’t think about the presents half of the time, and they just appreciate the gesture. It would be great if they actually told you what they wanted; being straightforward makes the process so much easier. But if it’s a random present, try to think of something funny, edible, useful, or playful. Either way, you can make any of your friends happy with whatever present you get them because it’s all about the gesture. Think of anything creative, even if it’s an inside joke.