When a bride knows she’s getting married, the next best thing to do is propose to her bridesmaids. There are many ways for a bride to tell her select few friends or family that they’re bridesmaids, but it’s fun to be as creative as possible and make it an exciting day for everyone involved. No matter what option the bride chooses to propose to her bridesmaids, it will always be a special day that will be memorable for everyone.

Ask Them Early On

The first thing any bride should consider is asking her bridesmaids early on. Asking early is better because that means everyone has enough time to plan or request time off work. This is also a good time for the bride to let bridesmaids know what they will need to pay for, such as potential flights or the bridesmaid dress. Asking early will ensure that the bridesmaids have enough time and the option to say no if it’s not feasible.

Getting the bridesmaids sorted early allows the bride to move on to wedding planning details. She can even start shopping for wedding dresses with her bridesmaids. Having the bride bring her bridesmaids on her dress shopping journey is an exciting and memorable part of wedding planning that no one should miss.

Send a Personalized Box

Now, here’s where things get creative. A bride can opt to create and send out personalized boxes to each bridesmaid. This craft is a personal and fun way for the bride to propose to her future bridesmaids, especially for those that live in another city.

If the bride isn’t super creative or doesn’t have the time to craft each box, there is still the option to purchase pre-made boxes on Etsy or from wedding sites. However, it’s a great idea for the bride to make a personalized box with things she knows her bridesmaids will like. The bride can put things like a personal note, sweet treats, heartfelt necklaces, personalized wine, sleek robes, or relaxing bath bombs in her personalized bridesmaid’s box.

Surprise Them

Another simple way for the bride to ask her friends to be her bridesmaids would be to surprise them. Surprising them is a fun way to ask because they’ll never see it coming. The bride can even record the entire experience for memory’s sake.

This can be done through a sign in their yard, show up at their house with cupcakes and balloons, or even ask them for a coffee date and surprise them at the cafe. There are many ways for the bride to surprise her future bridesmaids, but it’s still important to choose an idea the bride knows her bridesmaids will feel comfortable with.

Throw a Brunch

Throwing a brunch is another great way to ask everyone at the same time. The bride can either plan a brunch at home and decorate the house or rent out a room at a nearby restaurant or go-to cafe. With both options, the bride can decorate the area with streamers, balloons and a sign that says, ‘Will You Be My Bridesmaid?’

The bride can even do this over breakfast or dinner, but brunch is the perfect mix of breakfast and lunch, so they can bring out the bottles of bubbly and celebrate all day. The bride can also opt for something more simple, like personalized cards placed at each seat that pop the question to the bridesmaids. Either way, it’s a fun excuse for everyone to dress up and celebrate together.

Personalized Clothes

The bride can also get some jackets or t-shirts customized with each name and bridesmaid written across them. This is a great idea to consider because this is something the bridesmaids can continue to use even after the big day. Many personalized clothing ideas are particular to the wedding day, but the bride can choose to get t-shirts that say any of the following:

The great thing about this idea is that the bride can make a personalized clothing item for herself to wear around with her bridesmaids to match.

Proposals Can Be Creative

Bridesmaid proposals don’t have to be dull, as they can be creative while not going too over the top. The bride can choose to personalize her proposal experience through craft, or she can opt for a brunch or surprise. Whichever option the bride chooses, there will always be a happy group of bridesmaids.