Proposals are supposed to be a magical event. Everyone wants a remarkable proposal. They want a story you can tell for years to family and new friends you make along the way. It is an important moment in your life, and you want to ensure you pull out all the stops.

Traditionally, proposals have always been by men. However, there has been a rise in proposals by women in recent years. If you’re a woman reading this article, don’t hesitate to ask your man to marry you! It’s an incredible surprise to get and shows the strength of the bond you two share. After all, the pressure to propose shouldn’t always be on men.

Ring In a Champagne Glass

No list would be complete without this iconic way to propose! This is the one you’ve seen in movies where you take your partner out for a nice meal to a fancy restaurant. At some point during the meal, you order for champagne, and your partner finds a ring at the bottom of their glass. Instead of champagne, you can also hide the ring in different foods.

To pull this off, you will need to contact the restaurant you plan to stage this at. Make sure this doesn’t go against any of their hygiene protocols and won’t negatively affect the business. If needed, offer to supply the champagne bottle or the champagne glasses as well. And as always, ask for someone to record the special moment!

Family Barbecue Surprise

There is nothing more American than family and barbecue. If you guys are a homely, family-oriented couple, this is the perfect option for you. Ask your friends and family to drop by for an outdoor barbecue. This will give you the chance to dress up the space without your partner asking you too many questions about it.

Make sure your family and friends know what you’re going to do so you have lots of photos and videos of the event. Use your imagination to see how you can include them in the process as well. It will be an excellent start to your marriage and relationship if you have those close to when you pop the question.

Destination Proposal

If you don’t mind the extra cost, it is difficult to find something as romantic as a destination proposal. You might not have your friends and family around you when you do this, so this is perfect for independent-minded couples and those who enjoy their own company.

When you’re making a destination proposal, it’s best you center it around one or the other place or event. Try and find local events in the destination you go to so you can make your proposal extra special. If you want your proposal to be intimate, try finding out secret scenic local spots you can take your partner to. Contact a local photographer to ensure you have photos and videos of your proposal.

A Pawsome Proposal

If you want a truly unique proposal, you’ll need to plan ahead of time. This is easier if you have a dog rather than a cat. Train your dog to go to your partner on command. This shouldn’t take longer than a few weeks. If you’re having trouble doing this on your own, contact a dog trainer who can help you through this.

Getting a cat to do this might take a little more effort. However, it is possible even if you take a little more time. You can tie the ring box to your pet’s collar along with a small note asking the question. You could choose special and unique rings like pink diamond rings to enhance the magical nature of this proposal.

At Places That Are Special to You

If you want a proposal that is special to the two of you, choose a place that means something to both of you as a couple. This could be the first place you two met, the first fancy date you two had, a place you celebrated a special anniversary, or even at the restaurant or bar you usually hang out with.

You could even choose a park you two walk at. If your venue is outdoors, a picnic at sunset is a beautiful setup to propose in. The advantage of a venue like this is that your photographer can hide pretty well in the surroundings. The disadvantage of this venue is that there will be bystanders and other people in the outdoor space whose reactions and actions you can’t control.