Sometimes, medicine and prescribed drugs can only do so much. Sometimes, patients also reach a point where they want to try something different or less conventional.

The most common medications prescribed to neuropathy patients have little to nothing to do with nerve pain, such as antidepressants and anti-seizure medicines. With no neuropathy treatment solely focusing on the treatment of neuropathy, it’s no wonder patients want to try the alternative route of relieving their symptoms and pain.

Listed below are 5 creative ways on how you will relieve your nerve pains.


Thanks to the Ancient Chinese, the practice of acupuncture has been introduced to the whole world. By strategically inserting needles into the body, vital nutrients circulate throughout the body, reaching the damaged nerve cells. This technique has been known to cure illnesses from headaches to infertility and neuropathy.

2. Electrical Nerve Stimulation or ENS

This might be more on the drastic side. Electrical nerve stimulation requires a machine that sends electric current throughout your body. Two pads are placed on the body, which are connected to the device that will send the electric current. The aim of the ENS is to stimulate the deadened nerves and ease the deep-rooted pain in your body. It’s like a massage with the use of a machine.

3.Numbing Creams

Topical creams like numbing creams can also help alleviate nerve pain by giving off a warm, soothing effect on the applied area. Although you would need to apply the cream a couple of times a day. Numbing creams may help with minor flare-ups but might not quickly relieve severe pain attacks.


There are different types of therapies that you can choose from. You may select which of these will suit your condition best. Do take note that if you opt therapy as your treatment, you must be diligent in following the instructions and lessons taught to you. You must follow the schedule and do them religiously.

Here are three types of therapy to choose from.

a. Physical Therapy– This includes doing repetitive exercises that will help keep your muscles loose and prevents them from stiffening. Some physical therapy exercises include using weights, stretching, aerobics, and improving balance.

b. Massage Therapy– Neuropathy massage can help relieve low-back pain and increase range of motion. This also helps decrease spasms and cramping. However, further studies are still needed to prove as to whether or not massage therapy can be a good cure for neuropathy.

c. Occupational Therapy– Living with neuropathy can sometimes hinder healthy living and daily routines. Occupational therapy teaches life skills vital to performing everyday activities while also having neuropathy.

5.Take herbs.

Herbs and vitamins might not really be considered unconventional because these are also medicines. However, these are good alternatives because they do not have the horrible side effects prescription medicines have. There are plenty of powerful vitamins for neuropathy pain relief, and B-Complex tops this list on Neuropathy Relief Guide. It won’t hurt to try foods rich in these vitamins as they are considered healthy and good for the body.