Once you have determined your wedding date and decided on your big day’s general theme, there’s no doubt you will want the save the date invites to compliment all your efforts. So before you get started stamping and sealing those envelopes and sending them off to your beloved guests, you should consider the following unique save the date ideas.

The Beachfront Union

If you are decided on a beachfront wedding union, you will want your invites to resonate strongly with the theme for a few logical reasons. Firstly, your guests will need to know what to expect to dress appropriately for the day. In addition to this, your guests will also anticipate potential travels to the wedding location. Your invite should set the tone for your big day. Opting for watercolor invite designs or embossed neutral tons are perfectly suited for this unique wedding theme.

The Whimsical Wedding

An enchanting, whimsical wedding theme calls for colorful save the date invites. Free-flowing elegant calligraphy will finish off such playful invite designs. It is best to keep the design simple yet mildly magical for this modern theme. Adding geometric shapes to the design can be an excellent accent for the invites as well. Although, be sure to avoid chaotic and busy designs that stray from the whimsical concept.

The Intimate Bohemian Wedding

All things boho have gained popularity tremendously in recent years, with both the fashion and interior design industries offering beautiful ideas to all those lured by the lifestyle. As a result, boho weddings have become quite popular for partners after a more private and intimate wedding event. When it comes to crafting invites that complement this theme, it is best to stick to neutral tones and add natural elements where plausible. You never want to go overboard with invites as wedding details should always boast elegance. Nature should be your sole inspiration.

Rustic Vibe Reception

So many of us confuse boho with rustic, although the two are vastly different. While boho wedding themes should be loaded with natural calming elements, rustic weddings could be described as classic and edgy. When making save the date invites that complement a rustic theme, you can take advantage of designs that incorporate vineyard elegance or merge various textures in a modern way. Torn paper edges and even stained paper complement a rustic theme.

Romantic Traditions

If you have your heart set on a big white wedding, sticking to the romance tradition does not have to be ordinary and standard. You can add whimsical elements or floral designs to your save the date invites and make it unique with flowing tones and elegant wording. The sky is the limit when it comes to deciding the details of your big day. Adding metallic finishes or embossed elements can also add a sense of uniquity to your overall invite design.

Even though traditional big white weddings are likely the first theme that springs to mind, wedding trends have become exceptionally diverse over the years. Therefore, you should personalize your theme and invite designs to suit your preferences. The best way to make wedding invites unique is to incorporate personal elements.