It’s hard to think about anything to hate about Fall. It’s neither too hot or too cold, it’s pretty much perfect! The mood is always so peaceful and romantic, with the leaves falling and the prospect of the holiday season coming up. There’s so much to love about fall! And this is why it’s exciting for many of us when the time comes to decorate the home in a way that complements the coming of fall. Just make sure you don’t dwell on it too long because before you know it, winter will be here!

To help you speed up the process, we’ve gathered a couple of ideas for you so you can get your home nice and cozy with a wonderful fall theme that everyone in the family and your friends will love.

Fall Furnishing

We don’t want to go crazy and go shopping for furniture every time a season change, but at the same time, this doesn’t mean you can’t treat yourself and your home to little bits and pieces here and there. The options of wicker furniture such as tables and chairs are a great buy. You can save on furnishings by looking up great deals online that give you quality furniture at insanely affordable prices. Fall furniture generally looks great outdoors, so you can splash out a little cash for an outdoor coffee table, for example.


The onset of fall means it’s time to bid summer goodbye and bring out the bedding. You can have fun with light duvets and covers that won’t be suffocating and will also give a tender feel to the bedroom. Materials that are breathable but can still keep you a little warm are the ones to go for. There are also bed runners available that have beautiful fall inspired patterns on them, and they’re perfect for giving a touch of color and texture to your bedroom during the fall season.

Prep The Fireplace

It’s nearly time to utilize your fireplace again! So be sure to clean it up and rearrange the seating to make it the center of attention. You can also do this by moving centerpieces and picture frames around. By moving your arrangements, you’re bound to get attention. You can also make a nice seating area in front of the fireplace by placing huge pillows on the floor by the sofa seats.

Play With The Colors In The Decor

You want to be bringing the feel of fall inside your home by changing up the theme. It’s very easy to have a fall theme in terms of colors because it’s very evident that it’s all about the browns, yellows and oranges. So try to switch up a couple of centerpieces such as vases, frames and bowls by having them follow the color theme. You can do the same if you’re going to put a couple of throwing on the chairs and sofa sets.


Fall lighting is calm, simple and soothing. So if you’ve had any fun summer arrangements up, try to tone it down a bit for the fall. Lamps give off subtle lighting, and you can do the same with the rest of your light fixtures by changing the bulbs to those that give off less glare. Decorate your outdoor area with tiny lights as well.

Outdoor Area

You can finally have a bonfire again, if you don’t have a fire pit, then now is the time to invest in one. It gives an amazing ambience and warmth for both fall and winter alike. Pay attention to your outdoor area and try to make it as cozy as possible. Don’t forget to add a pumpkin here and there because it sets the mood and the color is perfect for fall! And of course, don’t forget to get a variety of candles that you can use both indoors and outdoors, it really sets the perfect tone for that fall feeling.

Leaves Upon Leaves!

We love the way the leaves change color in the fall, so why not get that feel inside the home as well? You can create a fall wreath and have the greenery mixed in with a couple of orange and brown leaves and hang it on the front door. You could also have a couple of bowls that have pot pourri in them, and add the leaves to change up the colors. If you have a wall that has a hanging garden on it, you can play around with that too to have flowers and leaves that go with the colors of fall.

Carpets And Rugs

You can change the carpets and rugs to make them emulate a fall mood. Choose subtle colors such as off white or you can go for rustic browns as well. You can even add a small carpet in the kitchen to keep the theme running throughout the whole household!

Pumpkin Pie!

Pumpkins are awesome. And they spell outfall, no doubt about that. So get a few small gourds and place them in fruit bowls and baskets and set them up throughout the house. They look really good and the colors are perfect for fall. If you have kids then don’t forget to let them in on the fun and have them carve out a few! You can place candles or bulbs inside and decorate your outdoor area with them.

Wallpaper Makeover

The wonderful thing about wallpaper is that you’re not making as deep a commitment as you would had you painted the wall. With wallpaper, you can choose random walls, say in the dining room, kitchen and bathroom, and follow a fall print for each. You can get as creative as you like as the variety and options are endless.

Who doesn’t love fall? It’s fun and it’s classy and it gives you an excuse to change things up in your home. The best part about decorating for fall are the beautiful colors that give an overall soothing effect and reminds you that it’s time to be cool and relaxed. Stick to the ideas we’ve provided and you’re bound to pull off a unique and beautiful fall theme in your home.