Denim jacket is a unisex garment linked to different values as freedom, rebellion, non-conformism. A timeless garment born in the early 1900s but which became very famous in the late 1960s, when the Levi’s brand Strauss launched the iconic trucker jacket, which celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2017.

This garment reached the pinnacle of success in the 80s and 90s and now it has once again become a must-have that cannot be missing in our wardrobe. Differents stars wears it: from Antonio Banderas to Brooklyn Beckham.

The renaissance of the denim jacket for men

Antonio Banderas thought about bringing mens denim jacket back in the spotlight. The Spanish actor wore it in a daytime look for a press conference during the seventy-second Cannes Film Festival edition.

We are talking about the mens denim jacket, which has always been a timeless ‘must have’ of the male wardrobe, loved – above all – for its versatility.

It is a leader beyond the seasonal trends, because it is always in vogue, even if we can think it had not aroused particular interest so far.

Comfortable and easy to match, seeing it worn on the Croisette has contributed to its revival. Perfect when spring is coming and for summer nights, it fit with ease to every outfit.

The 90s denim jacket is back, and Brooklyn Beckham shows how to wear it

Although he is very young, Brooklyn Beckham loves 90s denim jacket. Even if he was born in the end of 90s, Brooklyn Beckham knows how to reinterpret the aesthetic spirit of those years with extreme naturalness. Brooklyn wears nonchalantly the denim jacket today in many of his looks.

His parents, David and Victoria Beckham, were the ones who conveyed the 90s sense of style (and the passion for the denim jacket), which just 20 years ago began to set trends and which are still undisputed fashion icons.

The former Spice Girl leads her eponymous fashion brand today and the former footballer has gone from influencing the haircuts of entire generations to defining the style of a contemporary gentleman with the Kent & Curwen brand. But we all remember the denim looks they showed off at the dawn of their careers.

In any case, their first child found their own key with a personal style, combining sporty clothes with tailoring elements and adding some eccentric touches. He matches denim jacket with white T-shirts, slim black trousers and hats of all kinds.

You can choose different types of mens denim jackets, depending on your personal taste and according to your fashion needs: simple wash in light or blue, vintage with a rustic effect, fleece, pile, cotton, viscose, corduroy, polyester.

The denim jacket can bring a breath of fresh air even to the most formal and serious looks, always remaining super cool. This article of clothing is casual and easy to match and it still make us feel on vacation, even when we come back to the city.

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