Weight loss can be a tough challenge and may seem like an unbreakable wall when we perceive no discernible improvement in the way our body looks or when we check our weighing scales. Most of us would get to think that we have tried many weight loss strategies but they don’t seem to work. Desperation isn’t always a bad thing. It can also lead to creativity, innovation, and resourcefulness, which are qualities you need as you search for a more radical and hopefully effective weight-loss method. We’ll tackle some of the options and courses of action you can do in your desperate bid to lose weight and get fit again.

Radically Reinvent Your Diet

You may have tried strategies like skipping a meal a day or eating a light breakfast and moderate portions for lunch and dinner, but nothing seems to work when you hit the scales. You may have also tried going into starvation mode and skipped eating for one whole, but your body wasn’t able to bear. You may have suffered a terrible rebound effect and ate more than what you supposedly skipped for that whole day.

If you haven’t tried a ketogenic diet, then this could be the time to try it. The diet can be summarily described as being a high-fat, moderate protein and low-carbohydrates diet. This strategy doesn’t seem to be very restrictive, and you can still follow a decent eating habit and still eat some of your preferred meals with just a few tweaks in the fat content. You may be doubting that adding more fat to your already fat figure can do more harm than good. Scientists and nutritionists say that this diet actually forces your body to utilize fats as energy sources rather than carbohydrates. You can try this approach and see if it works. There’s no harm in trying right?

Try a Surgical Approach

Going under the knife can be an extreme approach for weight loss, but it is currently showing great promise in delivering positive results. Of particular note among the surgical methods is bariatric surgery, which is generally a surgical method of altering the stomach’s orientation to help achieve more efficient digestion and metabolization of food. Alterations of the stomach can be changing its size, permanent or temporary restructuring of the stomach or the insertion of medical devices. If you think that no matter how much you restrict or modify your eating pattern and you still don’t get results, you might as well get to the source of the problem by having your stomach undergo a surgical operation that is designed for weight loss. While it’s true that there could be complications with the surgery, but it’s still worth a shot if nothing has worked for you so far.

Give Weight Loss Pills a Chance

If exercise and dieting didn’t do much good for your weight, it’s time to try out weight-loss supplements as a complementary or stand-alone alternative. As a complement, the pills are meant to further enhance the weight loss effects of exercise and diet. It means that the pills are taken to boost metabolism and the fat burning process of the body. On another side, being a stand-alone weight-loss alternative means you can take the pill for weight loss without the need for exercise or dieting. While there are several brands that advertise such a capability, further studies and research are still needed to prove their safety for regular and prolonged intake.

Combining weight-reducing chemicals and extracts like Garcinia cambogia extract, caffeine, orlistat, green coffee bean extract and green tea extract in a single pill package seems like a promising product, but such pills are still undergoing studies and clinical trials. But then again, if you can’t wait for the results of the studies, you can use yourself as a test subject and perform an experiment to observe if it really works. Everything’s worth a try when you’re in a desperate struggle to lose weight.

Losing weight can be a daunting task when you experience failed or unsuccessful weight loss programs and methods. Nevertheless, a strong heart and mind will always push you on to continue your quest in finding a weight-loss method that truly works for you. Desperate times do need desperate measures, but think things over and weigh your options first before trying out extreme weight loss methods. If it’s a success, then the end has justified the means.