There is no doubt about the iPhone X is the latest and most adored smartphone launched by Apple. This incredibly classy iPhone model is quite high maintenance and given its price, it is better to spend a little more on buying a solid iPhone case than to break the phone entirely. With the launch of iPhone X, the cover manufacturers introduced a plethora of classy iPhone X cover designs which fit the needs of the smartphone as well as its owner. These styles include:
● Wallet Cases:
Wallet cases have been around in the market for a few years now. These cases are incredibly hand as they serve dual purposes of phone protection and cash carrying. Usually available in leather base, these cases have compartments for holding of credit or debit cards. Wallet cases for iPhone X are a perfect pick for you if you are looking for style and convenience in one cover.
● Super-slim fabric cases:
Fabric cases are all the hype in the town.  These super-slim cases are highly recommended for people who like to add an element of funk to their phone. Fabric covers are unlike any products manufactured by Apple and they add a hip vibe to your phone’s outlook. Not to mention the extra grip which the fabric offers to your hands.
● Folio Cases:
Pioneers of smartphone covers, folio cases have no competition when it comes to convenience, smartphone protection, and versatility. Folio cases are a favorite pick for users who are looking for dual-sided iPhone protection, wallet compartment, and super-grip- all in one folio cover.
● Marble covers:
To meet the high-end protection and style needs of the high-end iPhone X, marble covers are here to save the day. These covers contain marble base which has been altered and treated to form shatter-free layers. These cases often have bumper sides and cover the bulgy camera margins.
● Textured cases:
Looking for an affordable, versatile and quick-to-fit iPhone X cover? Textured Case is your answer. These simple and super convenient iPhone X cases are an epitome of affordability and durability. You can pick from a number of color options and order these cases with a simple click.
● Bumper Cases:
Bumper cases are a complete package style, design, and iPhone X protection. These cases have a printed base which usually has symmetrical or artistic patterns on it. Covering the edges of the phone are bumper margins which protect your iPhone from shattering in case of hits or falls.
● Crystal Cases:
Users who despise masking the Apple logo and glorious iPhone X design can make use of crystal iPhone X covers. These covers are made from transparent material. In some cases, they are filled with glitters or similar accessories to add a bit of funk in the cover.
● Leather covers:
Leather covers are the most preferred pick for iPhone X. Having a sleek leather base, these covers may also have accessories associates with some definite patterns or designs.