There are instances wherein you need to be outdoors regardless of the weather outside, be it raining heavily, or too cold. In these instances, it is important to ensure your safety and protection by using the appropriate weather protection gear. As such, below are some of the different types of weather protection that you can consider.

Rain Jacket

Rain jackets are often made from lightweight and waterproof fabrics, which are durable and comfortable. There is plenty of great rainwear for men & women, including rain jackets, which are fashionable and economical. Often these are designed to suit your specific needs and preferences. There are rain jackets that can be worn over an office attire, and there are also those specifically crafted for cyclists. There are also poncho type hoodies, which are often not recommended for extended use. Nevertheless, you are considered lucky if you come across a rain jacket that is lined with fleece on the inside.

Fleece Jacket

Another type of weather protection gear is a fleece jacket. While it is true that it may not keep you dry for long, it will keep you warm outside during the coldest months. Fleece jackets often dry quickly, with a good outer layer that can function well on less extreme days. Most fleece jackets have side pockets which can be great in keeping your hands warm and dry.

Rain Pants

Rain pants are essential to ensure that your lower extremities are dry. It is best to use rain pants when you are using a rain jacket, rather than a raincoat. This is because a raincoat will be long enough to cover your legs up to your knees, which a rain jacket might not do because of its limited length. Nevertheless, using rain pants is essential, especially in extremely cold weather, but in a warmer climate, rain pants may be deemed unnecessary.


The use of gaiters is recommended if you want to steer clear from packing bulky rain pants. Gaiters work well if you are already using a raincoat or a longer poncho. This is because gaiters only cover your legs and boots.


A more sensible option if you need to be outdoors in rainy weather is using waterproof rain boots. Not only will rain boots ensure that your socks are not soaking wet, but they will also keep your feet warm during the cold weather. Boots are often cut high, which means that they offer certain protection for your legs too. Look for boots that are lightweight and durable, such that you will not have a hard time walking under the rain.

Final Word

When you need to brave a stormy or extremely cold weather, it is important that you wear the proper protection to ensure your safety. Apart from an umbrella to keep you dry, a rain jacket or poncho will definitely help. Gaiters and boots will also ensure that your feet are dry, warm, and comfortable. Therefore, make sure that you are equipped to rush outside when the weather is not favorable by using protective gear that will keep you dry.