When we think about listening to music, music streaming platforms are probably the first things that come into our minds. Before this service was introduced to the people, cassette tapes were one of the most popular ones.

Many music fans were astonished by this technology, and the cassette tape industry boomed, especially in the late 1980s. With the players’ re-recordable format, audiophiles made and circulated their own mixtapes.

However, many people are still using cassette players for various reasons. Players usually come in big sizes. But, if you’re looking for a portable one, make sure that you get the best reviewed cassette players.

Why do people still use cassette players? The short answer is that people want to use cassette tapes, but why? Read through, and you’ll learn various reasons cassette tapes are making a comeback.


Motivations come from various places. For instance, we normally stick to what we know, even though it’s not the best thing or there are better alternatives. Let’s say there’s a new restaurant in town; you’d most likely stick to your favorite one.

This is similar to using cassette tapes and cassette tape players. The sound quality needs improvement. It might sound fuzzy to some people. However, you can adjust the speakers and amplifiers to ensure the beauty of sounds.

The main factors are the user experience. Rewinding, loading, and flipping are what make it nostalgic. For example, if you want to skip the track, you need to time it. You also need to rewind the tape if you want to listen to the first song or prepare the whole album.

This is the same thing for cassette players. Maintaining the device, and ensuring that all buttons work perfectly, can sound troublesome, but that’s the beauty of it. The nostalgia gives music lovers the best feeling ever.


If you’re a music lover, you’d probably want to collect albums, posters, and other memorabilia of your favorite bands. Although music streaming services may sound cheaper, there’s no fun collecting them.

However, vinyl and CDs can be more expensive. The average price of vinyl costs around $25, while $15 for CDs. On the other hand, you’ll be able to find new cassette tapes for around $10. Limited edition cassette tapes can cost more.

When it comes to maintenance, it’s still cheaper to keep cassette tapes healthier than vinyl and CDs. To ensure your CDs work properly, you’ll need to avoid them from getting scratched, which could be very difficult over time. Cleaning vinyl might be simpler than CDs, but you need to use cleaning solutions to prevent them from breaking.

Cassette tapes are more straightforward, and they can last long. You just need to avoid direct sunlight and liquid damage.


Whether you like it or not, hipsters have a huge contribution to cultural change. This may sound confusing because the change in hipster contributes more to bringing back old devices and outdated trends, such as cassette players.

Even if you have a negative image of hipsters, that doesn’t really matter. The simple fact is that they hugely impact trends in various industries, especially in the music scene. This is most likely related to the price and nostalgia. However, we can’t deny the fact that they are making the trend of using cassette tape players again.


Cassette tapes and player features might not be as advanced as CDs, Bluetooth devices, and other music peripherals. One thing is for sure; they offer a unique feature that many people love.

They have a re-recording capability. You can put a record on the tape quickly. All you need is a good tape recorder, which many cassette tape players have. Although you can save songs on your hard disk drives or USB sticks, cassette tapes still give a better experience.
People just need to insert their tapes into the player, hit the record button, and record their own voices or songs. Imagine if you’re going to send it as a gift to your loved ones; they’d feel delighted as it’s more personalized, as they’d hear your voice with a nostalgic feeling because of cassette tapes and players.

The next one I’ll say might not be a feature, but it is worth mentioning. Its simplicity and straightforwardness make it amazing. There’s no need to worry about technical wires and Bluetooth connectivity.

Sum Up

We can’t truly say that cassette players are a thing of the past. People are still using them and enjoy listening to cassette tapes. Whether the tape is new or old, it gives them a nostalgic feeling.

They can have a collection without spending much because the player itself is cheaper, as well as the tapes. If they want to record or send a more personalized message, cassette players and tapes can do it.