You might have heard people fasting or even skipping their meals just to lose more weight. But is it even the right way to lose weight? This has been a topic of debate for many years. There are undoubtedly mixed answers to these due to various reasons. We will surely try to make things simpler for you by giving you an insight regarding the various aspects of fasting. Let’s check out what are the impacts of fasting on your metabolic rate.

Calorie Restriction

There are various aspects of fasting. Suppose you try to starve yourself and go for a calorie-restricted diet. In that case, this will lower your metabolic rate to a significant extent. You will feel slothful and restless the entire day because of not having adequate nutrients in your body. But you will lose weight undoubtedly. But this is undoubtedly not the best way to lose weight! Why?

When you start eating again, normally, your metabolism rate won’t normalize back. Thus, you will quickly gain back your lost weight within some time. This is why you need to know follow a fat protein efficient diet which provides enough nutrition to the body. Only calorie restriction diet is not a full proof and sustainable method for losing weight as a whole.

Intermittent Fasting

This is an entirely different beast altogether. Intermittent fasting has been the trend for quite some time and indeed for the right reasons.

When you follow the intermittent fasting, your fat burning process increases, and your metabolic rate increases as well. Thus, this is a long-term sustainable weight loss option since the weight you lost will not be reverted back when you start eating normally again.

Furthermore, when you start your eating window, you will have all the required nutrients at that time. Thus, your body will not be devoid of any of the essential food categories. This is a win-win situation here and certainly one of the full-proof ways to lose weight.

In case you gained back the weight you lost via fasting, another reason can be held accountable for you. The breaking of the fast!

This is a significant step since you can ruin your entire fasting window if you start your first meal with a bowl full of fries, which is entirely absurd here. You need to watch what you eat and be mindful of your meals.

Bonus tip: Try cooking a healthy meal beforehand. This is because by the end of the fasting window if you don’t have the energy to cook a full-fledged meal for yourself, you will certainly not hop on to the junk fried food. Planning beforehand is pretty effective here and can save you from overeating a large number of useless calories.

Wrap Up

As discussed, if fasting is done in the right way, it can surely boost your metabolism and help in your weight loss process. But some specific rules and regulations need to be followed to keep everything under control.

Fasting has been an effective means of weight loss and weight management and has been loved by innumerable people out there. It can be challenging during the initial days, but it is undoubtedly worth it when you finally get the hang of it.