At one time or another, most of us have experienced a feeling of dissatisfaction with the way our house looks. Perhaps things are looking a little worn down or worse for the wear, maybe the décor and design is no longer trendy or modern, or it could be that you’ve just changed your tastes over the years.

In this article, we will talk about some easy fixes to revamp your house and give it that incredible look that is currently missing. These fixes are not expensive and are less time-consuming; thus, they can be useful for almost everyone. Whether you just pick one of these tips, or tackle the whole list, you’re going to see improvements. Let’s get started!

Replace Your Hardware & Fix Things That Are Broken

One of the steps you can take to revamp your house is to replace some of your hardware. It’s amazing how little things such as installing new door handles or a new faucet can add to the overall aesthetic of your home. And the good thing is that you have endless options on what to replace in your home without breaking the bank.

This is also your opportunity to choose more modern hardware. Maybe you want to switch the design, or size, or even the finish. For example, those gold door knobs that have been in the home for well over a decade now can be switched out for a brushed nickel, which is much more modern looking. It can even trick the eye into thinking your doors, cabinets, and drawers are new just by changing out the hardware.

However, if you’ve got some existing installation that is faulty such as leakage in your plumbing system, you may want to prioritize replacing them first before you consider other appliances in the house. You can contact licensed professionals such as St Louis Plumbing from Brighthouse to help you handle replacements of plumbing that is faulty as well as installation of sinks and toilets. This will ensure that everything is working properly, and you don’t end up with any water leaks – which can lead to damage.

Add a Statement Wall and Update Your Window Treatments

Another way to make a major change to how your home looks without spending too much time or effort is to add a statement wall. According to the Spruce, a statement wall can give your house that rich and dynamic look. However, if you don’t have the time to paint your wall, you can use beautiful removable wallpapers as an alternative.

For those unfamiliar with removable wallpaper, this is a really handy item that homeowners are loving. The way it works is that you simply peel and stick the temporary wallpaper to your wall. It’s not permanent, it won’t cause damage to the wall, and whenever you’re tired of it or want to change it, simply peel it off. The days of scraping wallpaper and making a giant mess are long gone.

Updating your window treatments is another great way that you can completely transform the looks of your space. Check out different beautiful curtain options and choose one that goes with the color of your wall. You can opt for small roman blinds or go with sheer flowy curtains. Depending on your preference, you can also combine different options for your window treatments.

Don’t forget that window treatments provide much more than just décor in a room, they also serve a functional purpose. You can keep this in mind as you decide what kind of treatment is right for the space. For example, if it’s a child’s bedroom that you are choosing window treatments for, you may want blackout curtains so that you can keep the room dark while they are napping, or when they go to bed. This style also works well in media rooms where you don’t want the bright sun shining and causing a glare while watching a movie.

Bring in a New Rug & Swap Out Throw Pillows

Rugs can beautify your home and are also easy to clean. Thus, as part of your project to revamp your home to look more stylish, you may consider bringing in a new rug. Of course, the color and patterns of the rug you choose will determine the impact it can have on the looks of your house.

Rugs are also a fabulous way to anchor a room, create specific areas or zones in a room, and add warmth to the space. It can be well worth your time to research ideal rug placement in a room, as this will completely change up how the space feels.

If you don’t have throw pillows in your living room already, you may also want to consider buying them. If you do, however, you can swap them out for new ones. Adding throw pillows with vibrant colors to your space can transform it from giving that dull feeling to more uplifting vibes. And the good thing about them is that they’re not expensive. In fact, you can even use a seasonal approach with your throw pillows, swapping them out as the seasons change.

Address Any Outdated Light Fixtures

Here’s a project that you can address on a room-by-room basis or for the whole house. Outdated lighting can really bring down the overall feel and décor of the home and it’s not always something homeowners think about changing.

As you consider what light fixtures to replace the existing ones with, don’t be afraid to step outside the box or outside your comfort zone and experiment with various styles of lighting. Overhead lighting is great and serves its purpose, but there are also things like table lamps, pendant lighting, track lighting, and floor lamps that can all add to the space.

Pay Attention to the Whole House

While it is true that the living room is a focal point in your home, you need to also pay attention to other rooms when revamping your house. Update your bedding to be cozier, and you can also put up artworks on your walls. Additionally, you can create an instant lawn and change your worktops to make your home look more stylish.