Sometimes, it is just time for a change. You look in the mirror and see the same thing every day. Perhaps you have just gone through a major, almost defining, life change. Whatever the reason, go ahead and take inspiration from these tips on how to easily change the way you look. Have fun with the process, get your friends involved, and try something new today.

Update Your Hairstyle

Your hair speaks volumes about you – from showing off your shiny, bouncing style that you had time to properly coif to hiding your tresses under a hat after a rushed morning. How you choose to wear and style it is a continually fluid representation of who you are and how your day is going.

One of the most amazing things your hair can do for you is to change your appearance. Use the art form of hairstyling and cutting to your advantage when you want something new. If you wish to create a more slender-looking visage, check out these 15 Haircuts and Hairstyles That Make Your Face Appear Slimmer. It is amazing to see what a different cut or style can do to alter your appearance.

The great thing about hair is that it is one of the most versatile things on your body. There is a seemingly endless variety of things you can do with it to alter how you look from one day to the next. From temporary to permanent hair dyes and highlights to different cuts and styles, you can reinvent yourself whenever you like.

Adding hair adornments such as headbands, bobby pins and barrettes, claws and banana clips, and bandanas and scarves will enhance your outfit and appearance. These decorations serve as a way to add to your ensemble while keeping your hair in place.

Whiten Your Teeth

The state of your teeth is among the first things that you and others notice about how you look. When they look a little yellow, you have the option of changing their hue. With the abundance of teeth-whitening products that have come to market over the years, you are sure to find a whitener that suits your price point and lifestyle.

Start your search by checking out the oral health care aisle at your local store or go online. You will find whitening toothpaste in a variety of formulas and strengths in addition to do-it-yourself whitening trays. Ensure that whatever product you select is FDA-approved for your safety and benefit.

Your dental provider will also have a variety of whitening options available to you at a prescription level and price point. If you prefer to go the professional route, ask your dentist on your next visit. They may provide the service in-office or send you home with a professional-grade whitening kit that you can apply yourself at your leisure.

Rethink Your Cosmetics

You might look fabulous in your current make-up. However, if you have been wearing the same make-up in the same manner for years, changing the way you add coverage, or taking a step back towards minimalism will have a drastic effect on your appearance.

If you tend to gravitate towards a natural look with no make-up make-up, try a bold red lipstick. It can give you confidence while changing your look altogether. Certain lipsticks have the perk of making your teeth appear whiter and moisturizing your lips in the process. Some people even call lipstick their superpower and feel more confident when they wear it.

A fun option is to play up your make-up for a night out. Try something completely new to you. A swipe of shimmer on your brow or cheekbones will add highlights and a glowing appearance. If you are unsure of what to do, visit a local beauty store or make-up counter. Ask for a how-to session or a complete makeover. Do not let all of your efforts go to waste, go out on a date or have a fun Ladies’ Night afterward.

If you are going gray or coloring your hair in gray or silver tones, paying attention to your make-up will help you reduce that “washed out” look that happens when you lose or reduce pigmentation in your hair. Adding a brow pencil that is similar to your natural color (before you began going gray) will help define your face and add depth and dimension. Bold glasses and mascara can give you a similar definition.

Alternate Your Eyewear

The aforementioned glasses are a playful way to make changes to how you look. You can alter your appearance from work to play or on any given day. Go big with statement frames in flashy colors that match your day’s attire, or opt for clear plastic or wire frames that subtly outline your beautiful eyes.

Having poor eyesight does not mean you are relegated to glasses, either. If you wear glasses exclusively, switching to contacts will open up your face. A fun way to change the way you look is by wearing colored contact lenses. You can get them in prescription lenses or a plethora of eye-popping colors. Colored lenses give you the chance to have blue, gray, green, brown, black, or any color of eyes you can dream of!

If you are unsure of what type of glasses to purchase, watch this video for tips on determining your face shape and then finding the best glasses to suit your facial features.

The Best Glasses For Your Face Shape

If you are ready for a change, do not wait even one moment longer. Reinvention is fun and can be a catalyst for change in many areas of your life, not just in your appearance. By altering your look, you will create a new feeling within yourself. Do it when you want something different. Do it when you need a refresh or are stuck in a rut. But, whatever you do, know that you are wonderful just the way you are. Respect yourself and your body. If you want to do something different, do it for the great person you already are.