Bringing up a child into this world and raising one is one of the toughest yet most fulfilling responsibilities you can ever have. Nevertheless, there are times that you might lack the proper tools necessary to get the job done. Don’t be too hard on yourself, after all, it’s not like there’s a manufacturer’s manual that you can read to become a perfect parent, and fortunately for you, there’s no such thing as a perfect parent. Nevertheless, you can still manage to be an effective one. For that reason, we have prepared this guide to effective parenting and what you need as a parent to a toddler.

Bonding Time Matters

Yes, you do have a busy schedule as you work to provide for your growing family. However, working will not be worth it if you don’t have time to enjoy it with the ones you love, and in this case, your little bundle of joy. Make some time out of your busy schedule to bond with your baby and create long-lasting memories as early as possible. With these toddler carriers, it will be a lot easier to carry your baby to the parks or when working around the house. You’ll want a career that helps the baby feel your warmth; a crucial factor to consider when it comes to bonding. Other important considerations when investing in a baby carrier include:

  • Age – As your baby gets older, they’ll add weight and height. These are aspects that will guide you on the right baby carrier.
  • Ergonomics – When investing in baby carriers, choose carriers with ergonomic designs. This includes a wider base for support, comfortable straps, and an overall design that will allow the baby to swing their legs.
  • Climatic conditions – You’ll also want to check the climatic conditions in your location because you don’t want to invest in a thicker carrier during the hot season. This means checking the carrier’s thickness, fabric, and the type of insulation used.
  • Carrying positions – Whatever your inclinations, you have different baby carrier options that will give you different positions of carrying your toddler.

Communication is Key

Do not overlook the important role communication plays in your toddler’s growth and development. As a parent, begin as early as possible to keep an open and clear line of communication. This not only builds trust and honesty between you and your toddler but also shows him you are there for them and always. However, remember he is a baby, not a miniature version of you, so learn how to ‘talk baby’ and the rest will follow.

Practice What You Preach

At times, you may think your toddler doesn’t take notice of what you are doing. On the contrary, a toddler takes note of a lot of activities that go on around him and will and will try to re-enact them. As a good role model, make sure that whatever you do, especially in his presence, reflects positivity and proper upbringing. If you notice your toddler doing something in contrast to this, most probably he picked that up from you or those around him.

Don’t Compare and Contrast

Why is my baby like this and my neighbor’s isn’t? What am I doing wrong that my toddler isn’t as cheerful as my neighbor’s? Understand that every baby is unique and different from the others. Don’t parent your toddler while making references to how others are doing it. Additionally, halt comparing him to another ‘well-behaved’ baby as this might end up lowering your child’s self-esteem.

Praise and Discipline

Celebrating your baby every time they do something good will help to boost their self-esteem. Try to accompany the praise with a snack. Nevertheless, when your toddler does the opposite, it’s important to find effective ways of disciplining them such as time outs or withdrawing snacks. Most importantly, you must be consistent with disciplining them.

The Pediatrician is Your Friend

Toddlers are very delicate and so is their health. Unfortunately, with them not being able to express their feelings, it’s up to you to keenly observe any behavioral changes. For instance, If you are unsure why there’s a rise in his temperature or why he’s not feeding, make an appointment with your pediatrician just to get a professional opinion.

There may not be a parenting manual, but there are lots of resources out there that can guide you in bringing up a happy and healthier child. Parenting is one of the most researched disciplines in Psychology. You can find credible info and let science be your friend, but not your reference.