Our exclusive interview with gorgeous CW’s “The Arrow” actress Elysia Rotaru.

Hi Elysia, please tell us a little about you?

I was born and raised in Vancouver, BC. My parents are Romanian and from that, I am bilingual (hurrah, thanks mom and dad). I had a versatile upbringing that allowed me to explore various avenues, which helped get me to where I am now. I was a competitive pianist from a young age until I was 19 years old. I also modelled professionally, was in army cadets for five years and I graduated from Simon Fraser University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theatre Performance. I am a certified reflexologist and studied traditional Chinese medicine for a couple years. Now, aside from my life resume, I think I am a pretty curious fun human being, with a big heart and a skewed but great sense of crass humor.

How did you start in the entertainment business?

Well it happened organically. I was scouted while working as a receptionist at a medical clinic post university and I followed the lead and things just took off from there. I am happy to say things have kept moving onward and upward and sideways sometimes, but always in a way that guides me to where I should be.

Who inspired you into acting?

I have to answer that by saying it was more “what” inspired me…and that would be me endlessly watching all the imaginative visions of people coming to life in forms of cartoons, TV shows and movies. I love seeing the same actors play different roles in different projects, I love the costumes, the freedom, the life that actors breath into a character. All of that just had me hooked, I would be glued to the TV for hours, replaying films over and over and over until the VHS tape would get destroyed from rewinding it too much and too often. I do recall one film though that really made we want to get out there and do what I am doing now and that was “The Professional”. I remember when I was quite young, watching Natalie Portman kicking ass in it. The film really ignited something in me, which now, in retrospect I understand and appreciate. I just really wanted to be part of the world, that craft and performance. I am so grateful it’s happening.

Any other actors in your family?

Ya, my little sis started getting into it actually, and she’s doing great so far.

Tell us about your role as Taiana Venediktov in hit CW’s series “The Arrow”?

Taiana is a determined, strong woman, who has gone through a few life-altering events like…being kidnapped, being forced to harvest heroine, losing her brother at the hand of the only person she trusted and fighting for her survival. Taiana is one tough pechen’ye. She really harnessed her Russian resilience and teamed up with Oliver Queen after a few minor set backs involving her level of trust and forgiveness, but that’s water under the bridge now. She’s a caring, driven force and someone who encourages and helps Oliver Queen through his journey of self-discovery.

How did you get selected for the character?

I was requested for an audition, went in, did the read and got the call a couple of weeks later that I booked it. I have no idea how things went down on the other side of the table but I am beyond happy they gave me this opportunity to give’r.

And now about working on other very popular series like “Supernatural” and “iZombie”?

I had the pleasure to work on “Supernatural” twice throughout my career, and each time was a different character. I first played alongside Jared and Jensen as a ghost, a ‘fancy lady’ from the 1800’s named Victoria Dodd. She was a joy to bring to life, but not… but you know what I mean. The costume was custom made for me, and man was it beautiful. I was then invited back in season 10 as an escort and got to work a little more intimately with Jensen, of course, not forgetting I got to slay a demon. Jared and Jensen were a joy to work with. They have such a good groove and it’s inspiring to be around. iZombie, was a fun experience for a few reasons. It was a pilot, it was about zombies (yum), I got to go back to my euro Romanian roots, work that dialect, bust out the language and I played an escort once again (easy peasey LOL).

Do you support any charities?

There are a few organizations my team is in contact with to see how we might be able to collaborate. I am all about inspiring others and establishing relationships with those who share the same values as I do.

Can you describe a typical day in your life?

I get up around 6-7am daily (call-time dependent of course), write in my journal, bulletproof coffee and breakfast. Train (if I have an open schedule in the AM) then get to my day. It usually consists of many things but primarily: laying down vocals in the voice over booth at studios or at home, being on set, auditioning or prepping, sometimes teaching acting classes, keeping in the loop with my peeps, then working on my “actors tool box” (which has a lot of things to keep me occupied) and of course eating in between all that. I try to make time to relax, be outdoors enough and let it all soak in, but usually my day is go, go, go and then sleep, repeat. 🙂

What’s the advice that you live by?

“Make the other guy look good” and my epic high school grad quote “Dream as if you live forever, live as if you die today.”

Describe yourself in 3 words?

Dynamic, intuitive, loyal.

Something people don’t know about you?

I was a Miss Molson Indy competitor.

Idea of a perfect Sunday?

Sleeping in, brunch, beach, bubbles, good music or book, sunshine, S.U.P and just going with the flow.

Five years from now you will be….

Better than I am today.

Do you have any hobbies?

OMG sooooo many, I love getting crafty, reading, gardening, being outdoors and active on whatever level the weather allows, driving, dancing, the list can go on…

What do you think of Social Media?

I love it! Snapchat…I never imagined I would be entertaining myself (and others) so much as I can and do with those ridiculous rotating filters and face-swap. I think it’s interesting and when used with good intentions fun. It’s a platform to share, grow, communicate with alternate between mediums of creativity, creep (lol), express-emote etc…get educated and enable some to gain the courage to have a voice that might be lost face to face. That said, there is always a yin and yang to everything and social media can have some downsides. I will first-handedly admit, I sometimes go online and then hours later…

Where we can follow you?

Instagram: @elysiarotaru
Twitter: @elysiarotaru
Snapchat: Elysia

Quote: “Change your thoughts and you change your world. ” Norman Vincent Peale

Favorite Book: “Oh The Places You Will Go” – Dr. Seuss

Sports Team: Blue Jays

Restaurant: Tavola

Drink: A smooth, full-bodied red

Celebrity Crush: Archer from “Archer”

Favorite music: Anything that suits the mood-I love those sound waves

Travel destination: Exotic warm beaches

Movie: Alice in Wonderland

Tv Show: Game of Thrones

Photo Credit: Farrah Aviva