To most people, having a pet to play around with and to keep them in their company is indeed fun. To others, having pets can affect the way they function in their daily lives. People who suffer from mental issues like anxiety and stress depend on their pets’ companionship to help alleviate their intense symptoms. An emotional support animal -commonly referred to as ESA- has become an essential component that modern time therapists incorporate when devising treatment plans for their troubled patients.

ESAs are usually dogs or cats; however, they can be any other kind of animal that fulfills the patients’ emotional needs. It is important to understand that it is not easy to identify the extent to which your pet can help you in times of emotional distress.

So, if you are reluctant to visit mental health professionals, read below to know how you can find out if you need an ESA yourself.

You Feel Lonely

If you dread the idea of going back to an empty home after a long day at work and you find yourself deeply saddened when you do, this might be one of the signs that you need an ESA in your life. However, that kind of sadness has to be debilitating and stands in your way of enjoying a normal life. It is always recommended to see a mental health professional since you can be suffering from depression. However, if you are not ready to do so, you can still get an ESA by reaching out to specialized companies that can help you in qualifying for a Housing or Travel ESA letter in order to make sure that you are legally authorized to live and travel with your animal. These companies will support you along the way by connecting you with a licensed therapist who can approve your case and then they will move on with issuing the ESA letter and send it to you in exchange for a reasonable fee.

You Cannot Seem to Focus

If you always find it challenging to be attentive and to stay focused when you are engaging in a conversation or finishing a task at hand, an ESA can help you. By giving more structure to your life, you can gradually learn to build habits and this will help you in systemizing different aspects of your life. Committing to your pet’s walks and its food schedule will help you in creating a healthy routine. Your dog will also prove to be a good distraction when you wish to take a break and disconnect from your messy brain. With time, you will notice how owning an ESA will affect your thought process as well as the way you speak and use logic.

You Have Trouble Sleeping

Many people who suffer from anxiety often find it difficult to fall asleep. Even when they actually do, they are incapable of getting into a deep sleep. If this sounds like you and you often wake up feeling irritated and exhausted, this can be due to your inability to relax. The reason usually is that your mind is in a constant state of worry and insecurity. Having an ESA can greatly help. With your pet physically close by, you will get a sense of calmness and safety and falling asleep will become much easier for you.

You Have Trust Issues

If you find it hard to trust other people and always catch yourself dissecting every single word that someone says to you, then you might be in need of help. While there is nothing wrong with being an analytical person, sometimes due to mental illness, you can be overly obsessive about other people’s behaviors and the way they interact with you. Having an ESA will help develop your sense of trust towards others. Even if you only start trusting animals, it is still considered progress. Seeing your cat or dog welcoming you with excitement every day will help you in developing your habit of counting on others. Your ESA will be a comfort for you and it will heal you into restoring your faith and trust in other human beings as well.

Deciding whether you need an ESA for a specific mental impairment has to be advised by a mental health professional. However, until you decide that you are ready to see one, you can pay attention to your needs to find out if you indeed require this kind of companion. This can help you in setting your expectations when you get qualified for an ESA. You can also reach out to other people with animal companions to understand how everything works, which will make it easier for you to identify whether you need one yourself.