Do you truly know what’s in your closet? If yes is your answer, pause for a minute and take a look inside. So, did you really know what was in it? When it comes to the topic of closets, there is no debating that many of us have items that we rarely or haven’t used, worse even forgot we had. Tidying up your wardrobe at least once a year is essential to understanding how much clothing you own and deciding on if you need or want them. Doing this can not only bring further organization to your closet, but you may even match outfits better for work, having found many blouses or shirts that could have been hidden. Only when you have a sweater in hand, you can see how to utilize it better. Start by following these essential tips for a clean and organized closet.

Have A Clear View Of All Your Clothing

Remove every piece of clothing out of your closet one by one instead of ripping everything out, so that you get an overview in advance. For each part, ask yourself if you can keep it, or if it can be disposed of, then make two piles; a ‘disposable’ pile and a ‘keep’ pile.

Buy Only When You Need

Although many online stores such as Salewunder have been running continuous promotions all year round, more and more high street stores also offer mid-season discounts. These constant discounts can tempt us into buying clothes that we do not need. When shopping for new clothes, the best way is to make a list of what you truly need to complete or renew those clothes and accessories that will save you the dreaded question: “What I will wear?”

Order Your Closet

To know what to wear, you will have to know and see what you have, so you will not buy repeated items. This is the basis of the Marie Kondo method. For this reason, you must order your wardrobe. Sometimes we are not aware of all the storage possibilities offered by a closet and that having everything at hand does not only mean that it is ordered. Having your closet in order will organize your lifestyle and help you save time and headaches when looking for clothes. That lucky sweater or that garment that you borrowed will be easier to find.

Arrange Your Closet According To A Specific System

It would be easier to keep order and you would have a better overview if your closet were organized in some system. The clothes should be sorted the same as when putting on clothes: shirts and tops up, pants down, socks and underwear in an extra drawer. If you also want to save time in the morning, you should sort business clothing and casual clothing separately.

Separate the hanging clothes from the folding clothes. This way you can exactly how much space you have and what type of furniture you need to buy to keep it organized. Categorize by type, e.g., shirts, skirts, shorts, etc. Another method is to differentiate by colors, season or material type. Identify and create the categories that best suit your style.

As you know, summer clothes take less than winter clothes. And, sometimes, it does not fit all in the drawers. If you have more space in the bar where you hang your shirts, you can hang a jacket that takes up a lot of space in your dresser.

Separate Winter & Summer Clothes

Use a summer to fall closet organizational method. For example, during the summer season, the thick and warm winter clothing can slowly make room for t-shirts, shorts and light summer jackets. Winter clothing can either be pushed into the back of the closet, stored in large boxes, or placed in dry conditions in the attic.

Clean Your Wardrobe

Now that you have all the items cleared from your closet, it’s time to clean! Your closet should be deep cleaned twice a year. Get rid of any dirt or dust before changing the items from winter to spring and from summer to fall. Many people are unaware how common it is to have termites or dust mites lurking in their closet. Such insects enjoy breeding in cluttered environments, as they are a perfect place to hide from predators.

Also, wash all your clothes in the washing machine at 60 or 40-degree to be sure all dust or unwanted dirt is out, but remember first to check the washing label of each item.

Throw Out Clothes You Now Longer Wear

Declutter your closet by throwing items you no longer wear. If you do not want to give away your well-preserved clothing for free, you can also sell the parts on the Internet. The most popular platforms are Ebay or Etsy, which is excellent for selling vintage items. However, selling on online platforms only makes sense if there are not many clothes. You have to do some work, such as photographing and describing your clothes, finding suitable buyers and taking care of shipping.

Decorate Your Closet

Decorate your closet in such a way that you will enjoy it every time you open the doors. It can boost your mood and make you feel good on the days you are down. Buy some nice bars; this is a great solution for hanging clothes. Put your longer items like dresses and coats at the end and shorter items such as skirts and jackets at the beginning. Under the short garments, you can create a space for another bar, put a hanger for pants or place a dresser to store your underwear. You can also purchase some stylish hangers or hooks for the clothes you wear most often or for those that you have just worn one day.

Add A Stylish Chest Of Drawers

Compliment your closet with a stylish chest of drawers. The chest of drawers will not only offer you extra space, but you will be able to convert into a dresser using its top. You can also gain extra space inside your closet by combining it with a shoe rack to store your shoes.