Having healthy skin can really make a huge effect on your overall appearance. As much as it sucks to admit, but age does take its toll on the skin, especially if you haven’t been tending to it and giving it the care and treatment it deserves. However, sometimes, regardless of age, you could find that your skin is suffering from certain conditions and problems that need to be addressed.

So, if you’re looking to restore your skin to its former condition and have remarkable looking skin, here are tips from an esthetician to rejuvenate your skin:


As every skin type is different with their unique set of problems, there is no one-treatment-for all that works for everyone. In order to get the best results, you’ll need to schedule a consultation with an esthetician who can take a look at your skin and give you the best possible recommendations that will be effective for your skin type. To get the perfect facial spa treatment, the Bella Reina Spa swears by the importance of customized treatments that offer wellness skincare according to your needs along with a skin condition analysis. This analysis helps identify the causes of various conditions in order to develop an effective, individualized treatment plan. Another aspect that helps an esthetician determine the basic treatment plan is the lifestyle that you lead. After evaluating the texture, color, and oils that your skin secretes, the esthetician will be able to recommend what type of treatment to not only improve the appearance of your skin, but also to help you determine what will be most effective and will help guarantee remarkable results.

Treatments according to Skin type:

Hypersensitive skin

If you’re suffering from hypersensitive skin, you’re probably worrying about your skin’s reaction to any kind of treatment, especially since you know how reactive it is to many factors. When it comes to your skin type, one of the best treatments you can get is the Rosacea Hypersensitive skin treatment.

Before you start panicking, you should know that this treatment was specifically developed for people suffering from conditions like rosacea and coupe rose, meaning that it does not leave a reaction. That is because the treatment works on nourishing the skin and balancing out the dryness and dehydration that causes it to react so sensitively. The skin is also relaxed and calms down due to the LED light therapy, which acts as a healing aid to sensitive skin. Some people even resort to this treatment as a professional pre-treatment before they undergo cosmetic surgery as it helps relieve the skin and balancing it out, making it calm and nourished. It also acts as a pain relief and smoothes out the skin, giving the immune system a much-needed boost.


Having darker patches of skin than the rest of your face can really affect your appearance and in turn, how you feel about it. If it is starting to bother you, you can resort to a hyperpigmentation treatment. In order to understand how this treatment is effective, it is important to first understand the reason behind hyperpigmentation. When the skin produces more melanin, which is the pigment that gives skin color, spots or patches of skin start to appear darker than the rest of the skin areas resulting in the condition known as Hyperpigmentation. The skin can be producing extra melanin for various reasons such as damage from the sun, age or hormonal changes. However, with Hyperpigmentation treatment, which includes a combination of elements known to have a great effect on pigmented skin such as Glycolic acid, Actipone nutgrass, and vitamin C, the pigmentation is reduced immensely by not only lightening the darker patches of skin but also preventing new spots from appearing. This treatment, when used with sunblock, can have a remarkable effect and decrease the pigmentation intensely.

Acne Breakout

If you’re under 18 and suffering from acne breakout, it’s not the end of the world as your condition is not only temporary but also treatable. Acne is one of the most annoying skin conditions as it completely ruins how the skin appears. While a youth acne treatment is possible, it does require multiple visits to be able to see results. The consultation for this treatment is necessary in order to determine your skin type and what the best treatment would be to get rid of acne by understanding what is causing it. In order to get visible results, your facial spa treatment will include peels, extractions, journaling as well as home care. One of the most effective remedies is a beta-hydroxy salicylic acid cocktail peel which is not only safe for skin with acne without aggravating the condition, but also tends to reduce the acne all while leaving the skin hydrated, soft and smooth.

Another extremely useful treatment for acne that can be used for both youth as well as adults is an acne red light therapy treatment. This treatment is one of the best facial spa treatments not only because of its results, but because it also helps reduce and eliminate any scarring from the acne. Using LED blue and Red light therapy aids in healing the skin by reducing the inflammation and tightening and firming the skin. Blue light also kills the bacteria Propionibacterium which causes acne and with the aid of red light stimulates collagen, causing the skin to rejuvenate and even out.

While there are many skin treatments available as well as skincare routines and creams that all promise to get the best possible results, they do not seem to take into consideration the different types of skins and how each condition will react to treatment or cream. That’s why getting an individual treatment plan is necessary by a professional who has enough practice and knowledge to customize a specific facial plan not only according to the goals you want to reach but also according to your skin type, condition and the analysis they received from your consultation. Only then will you be sure of which treatment you should undergo and which will lead to the remarkable results you’re looking for.