Getting pregnant is a happy time, but it also brings a lot of uncertainty with it. You’re not alone if you’re feeling worried or anxious about what the future holds. However, it’s important that you keep a positive attitude and get in touch with your thoughts and feelings.

Be prepared to go through some ups and downs as you adjust. What happened to one person may not occur for another. Everyone’s different, and your body is unique to you. What’s comforting is knowing what to look out for and expect during this stage in your life. Take one day at a time and pay attention to what your body is telling you.

Body & Emotional Changes

It’s no secret that your body will change and your hormones will be all over the place. Remember that it’s normal to feel strange and off at times. Recognize your emotions and accept what you’re experiencing at that moment. Talk to other women who’ve been through it and ask for their tips and advice. Even though your body will be changing, look at it as an opportunity to find cute maternity clothes you can wear and enjoy.

A Baby Shower

Someone will be throwing you a baby shower to celebrate this special occasion. Be prepared to hand over a guest list and answer any questions the host has for you. You’ll also want to use our wishing well to create your very own baby registry where guests can go online and purchase what you need. It’s easy and saves time. If you’re someone who doesn’t like to be the center of attention, then it’s good to prepare ahead of time for all the notice you’re going to get at the shower with your guests.

Lifestyle Modifications

Expect to change your lifestyle a bit when you’re pregnant. You’re not going to be hanging out at the bars anymore and staying out late. You’ll be at home with your feet up wondering when it’s bedtime or meeting other pregnant women in your area. You’ll also likely want to find activities that are comforting when you’re pregnant such as yoga and reading books about pregnancy. Accept that although your lifestyle is different, it’s not permanent and you’ll be back doing other activities you love like fast-paced sports in no time.

Challenging Time Sleeping

It’s likely you’re going to have a few sleepless nights. It’s difficult to get rest when you can’t get comfortable, or the baby is kicking. Purchase one of the giant comfortable pillows for pregnant women and make sure your bedroom is an environment that’s optimal for getting a good night’s sleep. Talk to your doctor about additional options if it’s becoming a problem and you can’t seem to get enough shuteye.


It makes sense that you’d be a bit nervous to get pregnant if you’ve never been through it. That’s why it’s good to know what to expect and changes that might occur. No matter what happens, remember to enjoy your pregnancy because it’s only temporary.