Bongs are one of the most popular ways to consume cannabis, and for a good reason. They are fun, convenient, and generally accepted that they are better for your lungs than regular smoking. However, there are still downsides to using a bong, and the smoke isn’t as harmless as it might seem. Nonetheless, there are ways to decrease the risks and make the experience even more pleasurable. An ash catcher is one such device that enables users to improve the functionality of their bongs and make the smoke more palatable. This post will examine what an ash catcher is and why you should seriously consider adding one to your device.

What Is An Ash Catcher?

Glass bongs accumulate resin, ash, and gunk quickly, as anyone who has used one knows. Despite its brand-new appearance, a new piece can soon lose its shine after just one bowl. Smoking with gunk can ruin your entire smoking experience and ruin the taste of your smoke. These ash catcher bowls will help you keep the device cleaner for a longer time and can result in a more pleasant overall experience. By catching ash and resin that builds up while smoking, they help keep your bong cleaner and make smoking more enjoyable. They are usually small and easy to clean, so the user has an easier time cleaning the appliance.

Furthermore, there are many different designs and shapes of ash catchers available. In some ash catchers, extra percolator chambers are available to facilitate diffusion before inhalation, reducing coughing and ensuring smoother hits. The best part is that, like other smoking paraphernalia, they come in various sizes and prices to cater to almost any bong on the market.

Why You Should Invest In One

As you can see, ash catchers are handy and versatile implements. However, if you are still on the fence about adding one to your existing setup, keep reading to learn why they are so worthwhile.

They Keep Your Bong Clean

An ash catcher is a device that is used to filter the ash and debris from the bong smoke. It functions like a second chamber in which the smoke is cooled and filtered before being inhaled. Aside from the increased health and satisfaction advantages, they also keep your bong clean by capturing most of the nastiness before it enters your main bowl. As anyone who regularly uses a bong can attest, cleaning is one of the worst aspects of bong ownership. Getting your cleaning products into the bowls is tricky, and you are always afraid of damaging your pride and joy (especially if it’s a beautifully crafted piece of glass). You might think you still have to clean the ash catcher anyway, so what’s the point? The answer is that cleaning an ash catcher is far easier than a bong, saving you time and effort.

They Create Smoother Hits

A filtration accessory like this provides cleaner smoke, leading to a more pleasurable experience. The smoke from traditional bongs is often too harsh for some smokers, so ash catchers are praised as an ideal device for making each hit even more enjoyable. If you want to make each hit as smooth as possible, you should opt for an ash catcher with a percolator. A percolator of this type will allow smoke to be percolated twice before entering your lungs, as long as it is filled with water. You will get a very cool, pure, and smooth inhale with a better taste compared to what you would typically get.

By Keeping The Water Clean, They Create Healthier Hits

One of the most critical things in a bong is the water, which is used to cool down the smoke before entering your lungs. In addition to giving you a bad taste, you are also at risk of developing health problems. Dirty bong water can cause various health problems like lung infections, asthma, and even a bout of bronchitis if you’re unlucky enough. While an ash catcher certainly isn’t a panacea, it can increase the quality of smoke that enters your lungs.

How To Choose An Ash Catcher

You can find bongs in many shapes and sizes on the market, making selecting the right one a bit of a challenge. However, you can simplify your life by following these tips:

  • Size and weight: You should select one that won’t overwhelm your bong. If an ash catcher is too heavy, it can damage the connecting joint or even topple the bong, resulting in a messy and expensive situation.
  • Coupling sizes: To fit your ash catcher to your bong, you must find one with the correct joint size.
  • Joint angle: Just like the joint size, you should check the angle at which it fits the bong (usually 45 or 90 degrees).

It is common for people to argue over which accessories to add to their bongs, but they tend to overlook the ash catcher, which is a terrible mistake. These devices can not only keep your bong clean, but they can also reduce the risk of health complications from dirty water.