Aside from all the famous beauty tricks like cutting or dying your hair, changing your eyebrows is one of the biggest transformations one could ever have. The brows are essential to your overall look when framing the face and trying to draw attention. If you’re confused about what to do next with your style, 2019 is known as the brow trend year, so there’s never been a better time to try something new! Be sure that you’ll find a look that matches you, regardless of your style. You can brush them, fill them, color them, and grow them if you want to.

Here are some glorious brow trends that may seduce you!

Soap Brows

The concept behind soap is basically how it sounds. You simply use a mold of soap to shape and form your brows rather than using a brow gel. While fashion and beauty bloggers have been re-popularizing the trick recently, it’s in fact, a vintage drag queen style that has been used for years. Soap is ideal to get that fluffy, gently brushed-up, perfect brows that gel alone cannot quite achieve.

It is more preferable if you used Glycerine soap bars, and you should brush the hair vertically all the way up with a spoolie brush. You can also fill any sparse areas with your favorite brow pen or shadow.

Highlighted Brows

You can use your Highlighter powder or pen to highlight the area you want, and it will give everybody the illusion of an amazing shape without the need to over-pluck or over draw your brows. It refreshes your face instantly, especially if you don’t have much time in the morning. Besides, you can use a professional henna brow kit which gives you a feeling of intensity without much effort. And the most exciting advantage of it that it lasts longer and relieves you from the daily struggles.

Colored Brows

Some beauty salons offer this option, but DIY dying brow kits are all over the stores, so it’s very easy to manage. It may sound like a crazy idea, but you already colored your hair, so why not your brows?

All you need to do is to prepare an eyeshadow cream and a clean brush to work it through the brows. It requires a few steps, but still fun! You can also try mismatched brows. Why don’t you embrace a dark brow for a change if you’re already have light hair? Anyone wearing dark hair might suggest lighting up the brows on the flip side. A lot of celebrities tried this style in 2019 and it rocked!

Think again if your idea about brows is that they’re just some facial fluff. Our brows are capable of bringing out the best of our features, giving charm to our faces, and beautifully framing the eyes. So no wonder why there are so many brows treatments such as microblading, tinting, threading, and many more. Most importantly, the normal techniques are still needed to keep your brows in shape, removing strays and simple brushing will keep you shining!